Research Into Action (RIA) is a new initiative that provides infrastructure and initiatives that support Colgate faculty and students who wish to take their research, ideas, and expertise to audiences beyond their academic disciplines. E&I’s first offerings underneath the RIA umbrella are focused on providing support for the translation of research results to the market and society.

Recent News and Updates

Fall 2023: Colgate Team Attends NSF-Funded SUITED Workshop

In October 2023, three Colgate representatives — Carolyn Strobel-Larsen and Travis Millman from E&I, and Assistant Professor of Computer Science Noah Apthorpe — participated in a three-day NSF-funded conference at Union College focused on supporting technology, innovation, and partnerships (TIP) activities at primarily undergraduate institutions. Workshops, keynotes, and advising meetings covered topics such as commercialization pathways, NSF funding opportunities, intellectual property considerations, and regional infrastructure. The learnings from this workshop are being applied to building out initial offerings and infrastructure as part of Research Into Action.

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