What’s the most fascinating thing you’ve learned this semester?

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We asked students to tell us about a valuable lesson from the spring semester:

“In my electronics class, my partner and I made our own version of Guitar Hero. I went into the class knowing nothing about electronics to creating and programming my own video game.”
— Jacob Pilawa ’20, physics and astronomy and French major from Cleveland, Ohio


Colgate University student“In a meeting with my adviser, Spanish professor Fernando Plata Parga, we began talking about the Bible and how it related to my thesis on honor and honor killings in the Golden Age of Spain. He told me that ‘Catholic’ is a Greek word meaning ‘universal’ and that Christianity is a universal religion. For a word I have known forever, it was interesting learn a new meaning.”
— Taylor Garry ’18, psychology and Spanish major from Natick, Mass.


Colgate University student“I am in my first history and women’s studies class, which is about how women’s roles in American cities have changed over time. It’s interesting to learn about the process of feminism and womanhood.”
— Kathleen Bynon ’19, biology major from Babylon, N.Y.