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French Majors and Minors

Allô! In our French program you will have access to faculty who are leaders in their field, and who will guide you to becoming an expert in French language and culture.
Students in a stream use their arms and legs to spell the word Colgate

French Courses

Join our passionate French faculty scholars in coursework exploring French language and culture. A variety of courses — all of which feature small class sizes and individualized attention — allow for engagement at almost any level: from majors and minors to those who simply wish to maintain or develop an introductory knowledge of French language and culture.

Study Abroad

We have been offering a study group to Dijon, France since 1966. In Dijon, students immerse themselves in French language language and culture alongside Colgate peers, and with the instruction of a Colgate faculty member. All coursework meets Colgate's standards for academic excellence, so all courses will earn credit towards your graduation requirements!

Cultural Opportunities

With a diverse and curious student body, there are ample opportunities to explore cultures extracurricularly at Colgate. Students can get involved as soon as they are on campus!

Success After Colgate

See what alumni who majored in French are doing in their careers today. There are endless possibilities!


As part of the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, the French faculty work closely in conjunction with Spanish and Italian faculty members.

W.M. Keck Center for Language Study

The Keck Center is a high-tech learning space dedicated to the study of language. Listening and recording stations, the streaming of global news outlets, and access to native-speaker language interns allow our students to immerse themselves in language while still on campus.