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Lifelong Connections

Colgate Alumni by the Numbers
Can you guess how many Colgate couples, or the amount of Twitter followers we have? WATCH NOW AND FIND OUT
A Penny for Piggy
Trish Wilson’s ’00 new children's book, A Penny for Piggy - The Tale of Save, Spend and Share, won the 2014 Children's Book of the Year Award from Creative Child Magazine. LEARN MORE
Boiling Point
Having experienced the Rwandan genocide, Professor Susan Thomson is an outspoken human rights defender. READ IN THE SCENE
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Read university news, access the alumni directory, view campus webcams, and more. Download now from Apple iTunes or Google PlayLEARN MORE
"Get Ingredients"
Founded by Yuni Sameshima ’13 and Joey Patracca ’13, Chicory is featured in TechCrunch. READ MORE
Engaged and passionate about Colgate. That is what our alumni are recognized for, and we are here to help deepen this connection.

Your Classmates

See what your classmates are doing on our alumni spotlights page and in The Colgate Scene. If you know of a great story, we want to hear from you!

Colgate Alumni by the Numbers