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A broad-based education

A broad-based education Liberal Arts

Colgate prepares students for success by rooting every education in the liberal arts. This ensures that, no matter their major, Colgate students can adapt, think critically, and solve the problems of the future.

Core Curriculum
How Learning a Language Transforms You: Looking Through the Liberal Arts
Colgate Affirms Commitment to Academic Freedom
Learning Worldwide

Learning Worldwide Off-Campus Study

Year after year, Colgate ranks among the top baccalaureate institutions for the number of students who study abroad.

New international agreements bolster learning options
Off-Campus Study Home
Study Groups
Exchange Opportunities
Student-Faculty Collaboration

Student-Faculty Collaboration Undergraduate Research

With a student-faculty ratio of 9:1, no TAs, and typically fewer than ten graduate students per semester, there are many opportunities for you to contribute to high-level research early and often as undergraduate.

Examining internment camps in France
Researching motivations behind violence in combat sports
Summer research overview
Meet the Faculty
Personal and Rigorous

Personal and Rigorous Faculty Relationships

Colgate's unique scale and low student-to-faculty ratio means that students develop relationships with professors that build foundations for success. We attract the best academics in their fields, and they become your mentors.

"Professor Karen Harpp has made my Colgate experience."

Students and professor collaborate on circadian rhythm research
Student and professor analyze Ugandan air samples
Fostering Creative Expression

Fostering Creative Expression The Arts

Develop your style and artistic talents while engaging in a critical dialogue on the arts and the manners in which they impact society.

Musical Groups
Arts in the University News
Art and Art History
Past Theater Productions
Robust Scientific Resources

Robust Scientific Resources Natural Sciences

Students and faculty are utilizing technology inside and outside the classroom to enhance learning, as well as to share the knowledge they create with others.

Work Directly With Faculty
Research Stories
Health Sciences
Colgate Greenhouse
Resources for Success

Resources for Success Student Scholars

Our students have access to a wealth of information and resources to support scholarly pursuits of every variety.

Writing Center
University Libraries
Digital Learning and Media Center
Keck Center for Language Study


With a 9:1 student-faculty ratio, our students are pursuing their intellectual passions in close contact with field-leading experts.

Majors and Minors

Colgate offers 56 majors, each with a foundation in the liberal arts that prepares students to find success in any future pursuit.


Interdisciplinary Education

Barbara Regenspan speaks while sitting with a circle of students.
The core curriculum is the foundation for a student's academic experience, which can take many forms.

Undergraduate Research

Professor Engda Hagos supervises a student working with samples under a lab hood.
Students work directly with faculty members on graduate-level research projects that often result in co-authored academic papers.

Success After Colgate

Graduating seniors in caps and gowns on Commencement weekend
Our highly skilled career services staff, professional networks, and pre-professional programs help students prepare for the future.