Colgate Announces New Faculty Appointments

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Interim Provost and Dean of the Faculty Ellen Kraly has announced a series of faculty appointments, approved by the Colgate University Board of Trustees during its meeting last month.

Continuous Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor:
Geoffrey Benson, Department of the Classics
William Cipolli, Department of Mathematics
CJ Hauser, Department of English
Rishi Sharma, Department of Economics 
Marta Perez-Carbonell, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures 
Chandra Russo, Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Laura Moure-Cecchini, Department of Art and Art History
Jennifer Tomlinson, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Promotion to Full Professor:
Janel Benson, Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Beth Parks, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Heather Roller, Department of History

To find out more about the work of Colgate University faculty members — including Parks, Hauser, and Sharma — read Colgate Research and download the 13 podcast.