Policies Governing the Use of Libraries

The University Libraries website contains Library Policies governing the use materials and facilities. Areas include the following:

  • Borrowing Rules
  • Copyright Guide
  • Course Reserves for Students
  • Course Reserves for Faculty
  • Faculty Research Policy
  • Government Documents
  • Interlibrary Loan Policy
  • After Hours Access
  • Classroom Use Policies
  • Facility Use Policy
  • Faculty Carrel Policy
  • Food Policy
  • Guest User Guide
  • Library Locker Policy
  • Senior Thesis Carrel Policy
  • Services for People with Disabilities Policy
  • Spaces Occupied by Unattended Items
  • Access Policy
  • Copyright & Permissions Policy
  • Reproduction Policy
  • Restricted Records Policy
  • Use of Collections Policy
  • Computer Use Policy
  • Plasma Screen Policy
  • Printing Policies

Policies Governing the Use of Information Technology Services

The ITS policies governing access to network services, repairs, e-mail hardware and software, security, responsible use of networks and facilities, noncompliance and sanctions, and other areas are outlined on the Colgate University website and are subject to change through established procedures. Areas include the following:

Policy on the Use of Campus Mail

Campus mail is not protected by U.S. Postal Service regulations. Items other than official University mail may be delayed or stopped if it appears they are in violation of the rules. Sealed material may be held until the originator can be contacted to open and verify the contents or to withdraw it from the mail system. If necessary, it may be opened by the director of mail services to determine the nature of the contents and/or the originator. If the originator cannot be identified, material will be held for one week. It will then be turned over to campus safety for further investigation or destroyed.

  1. Services: In addition to the U.S. Mail, Colgate’s mail service distributes official University mail and notices to employees and students. Students may use the campus mail to exchange personal correspondence with other students or employees.
  2. How to Use Campus Mail: All items placed in the campus mail for distribution must clearly identify the originator and the name and Colgate box number of the addressee. 
  3. Restrictions: The following materials will not be delivered via campus mail:
    1. Advertising, solicitations, or promotional material for commercial or private activities or for personal gain
    2. Bulk mailings of materials that do not identify the originator and are not addressed to the recipient by name and box number
    3. Any type of material, correspondence, or literature that would be illegal for distribution through the U.S. Postal Service (e.g., chain letters)
  4. Distribution: Student organizations needing to make a distribution of notices or other material must seek approval in advance from the director of the Center for Leadership and Student Involvement (Coop) and must coordinate their needs with the supervisor of mail services. Bulky or other nonstandard items (boxes of candy, “free sample” items, etc.) are of special concern due to the size limitations of mail boxes.

The information contained in this publication applies to the academic years 2021–2022, but this handbook is not to be regarded as a contract between the student and the University. The University reserves the right to change requirements, policies, rules, and regulations without prior notice in accordance with established procedures.

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