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Jobs and Internships

Looking for a job or internship is not an easy process and takes time, energy and support. We are here to help you every step of the way.
Alex Jurado ’15 and Erik Jurado ’15 get in the field with an archaeological excavation and cultural investigation internship. READ MORE

Internship Basics

What is an internship? Define the nature of an internship and your goals in pursuing one.
LEARN MORE about internships.

The Job and Internship Search Process

Not sure where to start? Get step-by-step instruction on the Job and Internship Search Process. LEARN MORE about the job and internship search process.

Gap Year Experience

Taking a year (or two, or three) off before searching for full time employment or applying to graduate school? LEARN MORE about gap years.

Recruiting Program

We partner with employers, maintain a database of proprietary job and internship postings, participate in annual recruiting consortia, and offer on-campus information sessions and interviews. Find out more about Colgate’s Recruiting Program. LEARN MORE about the recruiting program.

Become Competitive

Today’s job market is a highly competitive landscape. Find out more about how you’ll need to pitch yourself. LEARN MORE about how to pitch yourself.


Search Resources

Our Toolkit offers valuable resources to help you through your job or internship search, including guides and workshops on résumé and cover letter writing, interviewing, networking, and support for special populations in the job and internship search.