There are some important things to consider as you go about your search for housing, and some resources/tips to help you find safe and comfortable summer housing.


Colgate does not screen or vet listings within CraigsList or other housing search vendors. As a result, the University does not endorse any individual postings and cannot speak to the credibility of certain listings.

Important Considerations for the Housing Search Process

Use caution when using sites such as CraigsList to search for housing. Although these resources may offer great opportunities, some listings may be scams. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is!

When considering housing options, please consider the following suggestions:

  • Never send money without having viewed the property and signed a contract.
  • Bring someone else with you to look at properties you’re considering.
  • In addition to the housing itself, be sure to consider the neighborhood, too. Take neighboring areas into account, as you may travel through nearby sections of the city during your commute to work.

Tips and Resources for a Successful Housing Search

  1. Contact local college and university housing offices
    Colleges and universities may offer summer housing in their own residence halls, which will often include amenities (e.g. internet, laundry facilities, food, parking). Or, if they don’t offer their own housing, they may know of some good local housing resources.
  2. Search through online rental and sublet postings (e.g. or Airbnb) 
    Although you should use caution when utilizing online resources like CraigsList (see Important Considerations section), these sites can also be really fantastic resources. Consider housing that offers short-term leases or sublets, or groups who are looking for temporary roommates.
  3. Utilize location-specific resources
    Look at local newspapers or housing databases. Contact real estate agents, rental agencies, or the local YMCA or YWCA.
  4. Ask your internship provider/employer
    Your summer internship provider may be able to recommend affordable housing convenient to the job site. If you are searching for roommates, the organization might also be able to connect you with other summer interns.
  5. Use your network
    Chat with Colgate alumni or students who live in the area of your internship to ask for recommendations of accommodations or resources to use in your search.
  6. Find a roommate
    The search can be easier in groups, and will also make housing more affordable. Identify other Colgate students or friends from home who will be living in the area of your internship. Use apps like Roomi or RoomZoom to look for, vet, and safely meet potential roommates.