The Colgate Chamber Players is a group of dedicated musicians passionate about playing the great works of chamber music, from Mozart and Beethoven to Bartok and Schoenberg, in an intimate, friendly setting.

The Colgate Chamber Players rehearsing in small practice space.

About the Chamber Players

The Chamber Players performs major works of the chamber music repertoire (primarily piano and strings) at four or five concerts throughout the year at various locations on campus and in the community. Members of the Chamber Players often elect to serve as interns for the Chenango Summer Music Festival.

Laura Klugherz is director of the Chamber Players.

Participation and Credit

Students wishing to join the Chamber Players should first contact the director, Laura Klugherz, to set up a short and friendly audition. Students may receive a single course credit following two consecutive terms of active membership with the group. Students are also welcome to join the Chamber Players — without the intention of pursuing course credit — as an extracurricular activity.