The following guidelines are used to determine what messages may be sent to campuswide audiences, ensuring that broadcast messages effectively serve the needs of Colgate University faculty, staff, and students.

If you wish to send a broadcast message, please include the following in your request:

  • body copy
  • links and supporting assets
  • subject line
  • from name and email address
  • intended audience
  • desired send date and time


Request a distribution

Broadcast Email Guidelines

1. Only messages that directly relate to university business will be allowed.

2. All broadcast email must be approved by appropriate offices before it can be sent.

In general, broadcast emails to all faculty, students, and staff are centralized through the Office of University Communications. The Office of University Communications is also available to provide editorial assistance and advice on content creation. Approval is typically provided on a per-message basis by the appropriate office, which is determined by target audience. 

Target Constituency Requires approval from
Colgate Community (faculty, staff, and students) Office of University Communications
Employees (faculty and staff) Office of University Communications
Faculty Only Office of the Dean of the Faculty/Provost
All Students Office of the Dean of the College
Individual Class Years Office of the Dean of the College


Individuals should not attempt to circumvent this approval process by manual manipulation of recipient lists or by other means of sending email to large segments of the Colgate community.

3. Acceptable broadcast emails include:

  • announcements of major events of campus-wide significance
  • changes in campus policies, procedures, organizations, or departments
  • notification of the availability of services and/or facilities

Examples of messages that would not be allowed are:

  • announcements of individual department or program events; these should be added to the campus calendar
  • solicitations for support (financial or otherwise) for charity or special causes not connected with a universitywide effort
  • personal opinion, public debate, or campaigning
  • unverified public service announcements (such as virus alerts, unsafe products, etc.)
  • chain mail
  • lost and found
  • items for sale (including housing, tickets, books, etc.)
  • surveys not related to Colgate University business
  • commercial advertisements or promotions of commercial products or services

4. Instructions for requesting a broadcast email

  • request broadcast messages by sending an email to
  • plan for a turn around time of two–three full business days
  • if the message is urgent, please contact the Office of University Communications
  • in case of emergency, contact campus safety at 315-228-7333