In an effort to better understand the University and to ensure that students are offered a chance to deliver feedback, the Office of Institutional Planning and Research coordinates campus-wide student surveys. Most surveys are administered once every three years; a few surveys that target a specific class year are administered annually.

Survey Descriptions 

  • Diverse Learning Environments Survey - This survey asks about the campus climate and practices, with an emphasis on diversity, as well as about student learning outcomes.
  • Freshman Survey - This survey asks about high school experiences, reasons for attending Colgate, and students’ expectations.
  • National College Health Assessment - This survey asks about students’ health habits and physical and mental health.
  • National Survey of Student Engagement - This survey asks about opportunities on campus for students and how students spend their time.
  • Senior Survey - This survey asks about interactions with faculty members, participation in activities on campus, skills and knowledge gained, and satisfaction.
  • Sexual Assault Survey - This survey asks about perceptions and experiences related to sexual assault on campus.
  • Your First College Year Survey - This survey asks about experiences at college, students’ attitudes and beliefs, and satisfaction.