Colgate is proud to be a community comprised of diverse individuals from all backgrounds. Colgate values the social and intellectual vibrancy that occurs when students, faculty, and staff with different life experiences, viewpoints, and belief systems come together. Colgate's Student Non-discrimination, Anti-Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct Policy prohibits discrimination, harassment (including sexual harassment), sexual assault, sexual exploitation, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking and related retaliation (collectively "Prohibited Conduct"). Any and all such acts are serious violations of our community values. This policy is a fundamental part of a Colgate community where all members can study, live, and work together in a community characterized by equal opportunity, inclusiveness, safety, and mutual respect.

This policy sets forth behavioral expectations for all Colgate University students. A complaint that this policy has been violated will be addressed through the University’s Student Sex- or Gender-Based Discrimination and Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Resources and Response Procedures, or the Student Discrimination and Harassment Resources and Response Procedures, as applicable.

Complaints involving Prohibited Conduct by or against employees, other than complaints addressed under the Student Sex-or Gender-Based Discrimination and Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Resources and Response Procedures because they involve allegations of Prohibited Conduct by or against a student or student organization as described above, will be addressed through applicable Colgate University procedures governing faculty or staff.

The Title IX coordinator and Equity and Diversity Officer oversees implementation of the policy and processes for responding to complaints of sexual harassment, sexual assault, discrimination, discriminatory harassment, and other violations of this policy.

Title IX Coordinator

Vice President for Equity and Inclusion