Colgate is proud to be a community comprised of diverse individuals from all backgrounds. Colgate values the social and intellectual vibrancy that occurs when students, faculty, and staff with different life experiences, viewpoints, and belief systems come together. This policy prohibits acts of discrimination, harassment, sexual assault, and sexual exploitation, as well as domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking. Any and all such acts are serious violations of our community values. This policy is a fundamental part of a Colgate community where all members can study, live, and work together in a community characterized by equal opportunity, inclusiveness, safety, and mutual respect.

A complaint that this policy has been violated will be addressed through the University’s Equity Grievance Process. The Equity Grievance Process applies regardless of the status of the parties involved, who may be students, student organizations, faculty, administrators, or staff. Complaints made by non-members of the Colgate community against students, student organizations, faculty, administrators, or staff are also subject to the Equity Grievance Process. Conduct that occurs off campus and not in connection with Colgate programs may violate this policy if the conduct creates a threatening or hostile environment on campus or within a Colgate program, or if the incident causes concern for safety or security of the Colgate’s campus.

The associate provost for equity and diversity serves as Title IX coordinator and oversees implementation of the Equity Grievance Process for responding to complaints of sexual harassment, sexual assault, discrimination, discriminatory harassment, and other violations of this policy.

Title IX Coordinator

Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures; Associate Provost for Equity and Diversity; Title IX Coordinator