Colgate offers guidance and resources in a number of areas to support optimal IT privacy and security.

A Continual Effort

There is no magic bullet for IT and data security — it requires an ongoing effort and responsible action in a number of areas. By using a multi-layered approach to security, users can maximize their protection from malicious digital attacks.

Below are some vital areas and information for protecting your digital security, data, and identity.

The use of strong passwords is imperative to security. ITS has prepared a resource outlining how to begin using strong passwords that you will still be able to remember.

About strong passwords

It is absolutely vital to ensure that the computer you are using is updated with the latest security patches. Although updates and their reminders can be inconvenient, do not put off these important updates.

Most applications check for updates on their own. It is still good practice to periodically confirm that your software is up to date. Especially consider:

Phishing refers to misleading emails that attempt to steal your information or spread malware by misleading their recipients into sharing information or exposing vulnerabilities. 

ITS has created a resource to help the Colgate community better understand and recognize such misleading messages.

Colgate's phishing guide

Antivirus is a vital part of the layered security approach. Antivirus is installed on all Colgate-owned servers and workstations and is required for connecting to Colgate's network.

Learn more about antivirus

Carefully consider the information you post online.

Individuals directly control much of the data about themselves that winds up online, but once it is out online it is almost impossible to take back.

Carefully consider what information, photos, social media posts and more you decide to post online.

The university utilizes hardware firewalls to protect the borders between the Internet and the campus network, as well as between the campus network and the data center. Firewall software is also configured on Colgate's servers.

Every computer is equipped with a firewall and ITS recommends that users turn on these firewalls.


Direct questions regarding digital privacy and security to:

Director of Information Security and Information Security Officer
450N Case-Geyer

Ask for Help

If you are unable to find the information you need in the documentation available online, the ITS Service Desk is available to assist.