Rising Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors

Get informed about relevant housing selection processes for current students who will be returning to campus in the coming academic year.

Housing Selection 2021

Housing Selection Timeline

Dates Event
May 26 Notify Housing Adjustment students of lottery selection times
May 27 Open New Student Housing Preference Form to transfer students and Class of 2025
May 28 Housing Adjustment Selection Process takes place
May 31 Release Theme and Interest Group Housing application
June 4 Open Commons Transfer application
June 8 Theme and Interest Group Housing application due
June 11 Release Junior and Senior Lottery selection times; Commons Transfer application due
June 15 New Student Housing Preference Form due
June 16 Release Commons Lottery selection times
June 17-18 Junior and Senior Lottery takes place
June 22-23 Commons Lottery takes place
Around Aug 2 New students will be notified of commons and housing assignment


Housing placement for new students (first-year students in the Class of 2025 and transfers) is a different process than housing selection for returning students. As long as new students have completed their housing preference form (which is due on June 15, 2021), there are no further action steps required.

First-year students will be housed in a commons with the rest of the students in their assigned First-Year Seminar (FSEM). Once FSEMs are sorted into commons, we will utilize the information you shared about yourself in the housing preference form to place you with a roommate(s) and in a room in your commons. 

We are doing everything we can to be announce housing and commons placements on or about Monday, August 2, 2021. 

Commons Housing for Sophomores

The Commons Transfer process will open on June 4, and applications are due June 11. If you are interested in living in a commons building other than your own OR with students currently living in another commons, you will be required to request a transfer. 

All sophomores will be entered into a Commons Lottery for their own current commons OR the commons for which their transfer application has been approved. As a reminder, the buildings within each commons where first-year and sophomore students live are as follows:

  • Ciccone Commons: Curtis and Drake
  • Hancock Commons: Bryan Complex, 113 Broad Street
  • Mabel Dart Colegrove Commons: Stillman Hall, West Hall, and Jane Pinchin Hall
  • Brown Commons: Andrews Hall, East Hall, and Burke Hall, Gate House, 100 Hamilton Street

    Please note, beginning in the fall of 2021, East and West halls will no longer house solely first-year students. Sophomores in Brown Commons will be able to select rooms in East Hall, and those in Mabel Dart Colegrove will have rooms in West Hall available in their lottery. 

The Commons Lotteries will run from June 22–23.

Announcement of Housing Selection Times

Students who have already been assigned housing through a previous housing placement process (e.g. housing adjustment, theme and interest housing, etc. ) will not receive housing selection times. Their current housing assignment is final. 

Once students select a housing location during any selection option, their housing for the 2021–2022 academic year is final, and participation in any subsequent housing selection process will not be necessary or permitted.

You may select housing in your own commons with other students from your commons in the Commons Lottery. There is no need to submit a Commons Transfer application. You will receive a housing selection time for that lottery on the date in the table above. 

Once you select a housing location during the Commons Lottery, your housing for the 2021–2022 academic year is final, and participation in any subsequent housing selection process will not be necessary or permitted. 

Students wishing to join another student in a different commons are required to submit a Commons Transfer application. Residential Life will review all transfer applications and notify applicants of the status of their applications before housing selection times for the Commons Lotteries are released. Students whose transfer applications are approved will be entered into the lottery for their new commons.

Please note, beginning in the fall of 2021, 113 Broad Street will be affiliated with Hancock Commons. Students currently in a different commons who are wishing to live with friends in a suite in that location must apply to transfer to Hancock. 

Two students chat in a student residence, one seated at a desk, the other leaning on the bed

On-Campus Housing

Most Colgate students reside in on-campus residential facilities. The on-campus housing process covers students who will reside in traditional residence halls and the Residential Commons, campus townhouses, campus apartments, and in the Broad Street Community.

On-campus housing process

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Off-Campus Housing

A limited number of rising seniors may participate in the Private Off-Campus Housing Program, signing leases to live in privately owned residences in the local area. Students interested in the program must enter the private off-campus housing lottery during the fall semester of their junior year.

Off-campus housing process

New Students

Information about housing assignments for new students, including incoming first-year students and transfer students, is available on the new student welcome site.