Information for students who wish to reside in on-campus housing during the summer, during school breaks and recesses, and between semesters.

Recesses and Winter Break

Generally, students are away from campus during school recesses, including:

  • Mid-term recess in the fall semester (“fall break”)
  • Thanksgiving recess in the fall semester
  • Mid-term recess during the spring semester (“spring break”)

Students who choose to remain on campus  may continue to reside in their normal on-campus residence, but must first register with the University via the student housing portal. This registration is important, as it assists University personnel in maintaining a fully functioning and safe campus for the students who remain on campus.

University residences close for the weeks between the fall and spring terms. Students who require on-campus housing during that time may apply through the late stay and early arrival processes in the housing portal.

Register to stay over break

Colgate’s academic calendar lists the dates at which residential facilities open and close for each semester. Students whose plans may necessitate an early arrival or late stay may receive permission from the Office of Residential Life via the housing portal.

Apply for early arrival or late stay

On-Campus Summer Housing Program

Information regarding summer housing in 2021 is forthcoming.

Off-Campus Summer Housing

Students working on campus during the summer are not required to live on campus and may choose to live in an off-campus residence. There is no lottery for off-campus summer housing. The Office of Residential Life can supply a listing of available summer properties to anyone interested.

Those considering an off-campus residence should be mindful of the following:

  • Ensure the off-campus housing option has facilities that will meet all needs throughout the summer.
  • Secure off-campus housing for the entirety of your summer stay.
  • Request and retain a copy of the lease for your records.
  • Colgate cannot guarantee early move-in for the fall semester. Learn more about applying for early arrival above.