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Resources for New Students

Each first-year residence hall has live-in student staff members who serve as community organizers, resources, and mentors. Each hall also is supervised by a professional staff member who lives on campus. For more information on the residence halls available to first-year students, please visit our Housing Options page.

Housing Process for Incoming Students

Incoming first-year students will submit a housing preference form over the summer before being matched with a roommate and receiving a housing assignment in August. For specific deadlines, please see the New Student Checklist.

Residential Commons

Colgate's living and learning program houses first-years and sophomores and supports students throughout their college years by fostering a welcoming, enriching, and supportive community.

A student's Residential Commons membership is determined by the building where they are assigned to live in their first year. Housing assignments for new students are made using the housing preference information they submit to Residential Life in the summer before they arrive at Colgate. Currently (through 2018–19), first-year students in a commons have the option to remain there as sophomores. Beginning in 2019–2020, all sophomores will be affiliated with a commons.