Arrival Day

It's finally here, your first day at Colgate!

Once you arrive on campus, you'll check in and receive your orientation materials, then walk up to your residence hall, where your belongings will be waiting for you. Be sure to honk loudly and proudly when you pass the “Honk If You Love Colgate” sign. 

Arrival Day Schedules

Arrival Day schedules will be announced in summer 2023.
Don’t worry, you don’t need to memorize the sequence of events. There will be volunteers all over campus to help you along the way. Between moving in, introductions to your new classmates, and orientation for your parents and supporters, we have a jam-packed first-day schedule for everyone.

Preparing for Arrival Day

Luggage Tags

When you arrive at Colgate, your belongings will be transported by student staff to your room. Please print the label for your Residence Hall assignment and attach them to all of your boxes, bags, and belongings ahead of your arrival, so our staff knows where to bring them.

Contact Information

First-year and Transfer Students

Dorsey Spencer
Dean of Students

International Students

Office of International Student Services