Example of a Colgate ’Gate Card

The ’Gate Card is more than an official Colgate identification card.

It serves the Colgate community as a means of payment and access (acting as a key) at locations across the campus.

View and manage card balances

’Gate Cash

Use the ’Gate Card to pay with ’Gate Cash, a declining balance account, around campus and at select local businesses.

’Gate Cash - Declining Balance Account for Use around Campus and in Town 
Use your ’Gate Card for purchases at the bookstore, campus dining locations, and mail services, as well as vending and laundry machines, library copiers, and participating area merchants. To activate ‘Gate Cash, you must:

Unused ‘Gate Cash balances will roll to the next semester. Balances in excess of $5 will be refunded to you upon graduation or withdrawal from the university. For a $20 processing fee, students may also withdraw unused funds at the end of the semester by contacting the Office of Student Accounts.

Accounts with unused balances that are inactive for more than 12 months will be subject to a $5.00 per month maintenance fee.

Please note: ‘Gate Cash cannot be used to pay Colgate student account balances from tuition, activity fee, housing, or meal plans. It may be used to pay miscellaneous fees or fines at the Colgate cashier window.

Area Dining

  • Colgate Inn - 11 Payne St.
  • Flour & Salt Bakery - 7 Maple Ave.
  • Flour & Salt Cafe - 37 Lebanon St.
  • Fojo Beans - 10 Utica St.
  • The Hamilton Inn - 4480 East Lake Rd.
  • Hamilton Whole Foods - 28 Broad St.
  • Main Moon Chinese Restaurant - 24 Utica St.
  • Marthas on Madison - 3 Madison St.
  • Poolville Country Store - 1245 Earlville Rd.
  • Seven Oaks Golf Club - Payne St./E. Lake Rd.
  • Subway - 34 Utica St,

Area Merchants

  • Byrne Dairy - 31 Utica St.
  • Express Mart - 59 Utica St.
  • Kinney Drugs - 103 Utica St.
  • Stewarts - 2473 Rt 12B

Area Entertainment

  • Hamilton Theater - 7 Lebanon St.

Meal Plans

Swipe your card for access to the dining halls.

Meal Plan Information

If you are enrolled in a Colgate meal plan, your ’Gate Card maintains all the information and must be presented for entry into campus dining locations.

You can check your meal balance online, or via the Colgate Mobile App. 

If you don't have a Colgate meal plan, or don’t wish to deduct a full meal plan at a dining facility, food can be purchased à la carte with your ‘Gate Cash at Chobani at the Hieber Café, the Coop, Donovan's Pub, C-Store and full meals can be purchased at Frank Dining Hall.

Flex Dollars

Flex Dollars are different from ‘Gate Cash and are available with certain meal plans. These add flexibility to your dining options and may be spent like cash at Frank, the Coop, Chobani at Hieber Café, Donovan's Pub, and the C-Store. As an additional value, Flex Dollars are tax exempt. Unused dollars may carry over from fall to spring semesters. However, unused Flex Dollars expire on the last day of the academic calendar year and do not roll over to the following academic year.

You can check your Flex Dollars balance online, or via the Colgate Mobile App.

Campus Buildings

Swipe your card for access to some locked spaces on campus 

Access to Campus Buildings
Buildings on campus are kept secure by requiring students to swipe their ‘Gate Card for access. This includes most residential buildings, Trudy Fitness center, and select academic and administrative buildings and rooms.

Questions or concerns about ‘Gate Card access should be directed to Campus Safety.

Gate Card Help

Report the problem to the Facilities Department

  • Email bg@colgate.edu
  • Phone 315-228-7131 or 315-228-7130
  • If after business hours, contact the Heating Plant at 315-228-7468   

Provide detailed description of issue

  • Building name and location of laundry room, washer or dryer, machine number if possible
  • Specific concern/problem. For example: "machine does not start and lost money," "reader shows 'cash only,'" "dryer does not heat"

Report it to Campus Safety in person or by phone (315-228-7333)

  • Or report it online from Manage Your Account on the 'Gate Card website
  • Replacement cards, other than those replaced due to normal wear, cost $40.
  • Campus Safety issues and maintains ‘Gate Cards. The card is issued free of charge, but a fee is assessed to replace lost, mutilated, or stolen cards.
  • ID pictures are taken at Campus Safety

If there is visible damage to the card and it does not work at any 'Gate Card location, visit Campus Safety for a replacement card. For all other issues, contact the Office of Student Accounts.

  • Don't tamper with the picture or information on the card.
  • Keep your card away from magnets, computers, and cell phones.
  • Keep the card away from excessive heat.
  • Bending, scratching, or punching holes in the card may render it unreadable.
  • Don't put the card through the washing machine.
  • Above all, do not lose your card, as the encoded information is yours alone.