Colgate Veterans is designed to create a supportive and inclusive community that champions the unique experiences, skills and contributions of veterans within the Colgate community.

Established in 2024, this group is committed to fostering an environment where the contributions of veterans are recognized, their needs are addressed, and they are empowered to thrive personally and professionally.

Program Goals

Resource Sharing

The group shares information relevant to veterans, including resources on benefits, support services, and programs.

Professional Development

Workshops, seminars and training sessions tailored to veterans provide professional development opportunities.

Community Engagement

To promote better understanding of veteran experiences, the group participates in community events, organizes outreach programs and collaborates with local organizations that support veterans.


The group works with university administration to address concerns and needs of veterans. This includes policy recommendations, feedback on existing programs and proposing new initiatives to enhance the workplace experience for veterans.

Social Support

Social events, gatherings and activities build a sense of camaraderie and support among Colgate veterans.


Interested in learning more about Colgate Veterans? Contact Joe Hernon, who serves in the New York Air National Guard and oversees Colgate's emergency operations.

Associate Vice President for Emergency Management, Campus Safety, and Environmental Health and Safety