Thought Into Action Incubator

During the year-long Thought Into Action Incubator, participants build a venture that solves a problem in the for-profit, non-profit, or campus/community arena. The program challenges participants to think critically, communicate powerfully, solve complex problems, and persevere through failure.  The Incubator is open to first-years through seniors, as well as alumni and local community members. It begins as a year-long commitment and offers successful and motivated entrepreneurs the opportunity to continue for subsequent years.

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Go from “thought” into “action”

The TIA Incubator is an intense, experiential program where entrepreneurs create a real venture. We look for would-be entrepreneurs who are passionate about solving a particular problem or challenge and have an idea for a potential solution. Through monthly workshops, mid-month check-ins, and independent work, entrepreneurs experience firsthand the process of creating something from nothing. Our entrepreneurs learn that success is the function of 1,000 small steps and that building something great does not happen overnight. 

Thought Into Action has contributed in instrumental ways to my personal and professional development. It has not only helped to propel my business forward, but it has prepared me to be successful beyond Colgate in any endeavor I pursue.

Miranda Scott ’18

Mentoring by dedicated, seasoned entrepreneurs

Ventures in the TIA Incubator are paired with volunteer mentors who have deep domain expertise. Our mentors are Colgate alumni, parents, and friends who have successfully built and grown early-stage ventures across a wide range of industries. These seasoned entrepreneurs donate their time, knowledge, resources, and connections to support our teams, sharing their wisdom, expertise, and lessons learned. Our mentors create an environment of encouragement for entrepreneurs who are creating novel solutions in unchartered territory, while holding teams to real-world standards.

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Supported by a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem

The Incubator provides a wide range of resources for entrepreneurs, supported by the TIA core team and the broader Colgate campus. Funding opportunities help students propel their ventures, including seed grants that provide startup capital to validate demand for their products and services with real customer and stakeholders. Entrepreneurs have 24/7 access to The Hub, our downtown coworking space for working, holding team meetings, attending conference calls, and hosting events. Ventures looking to operate on campus can avail of a wide range of resources, including access to a ’gate card machine.

Embracing a wide range of ventures

No matter what you're interested in creating, the TIA Incubator is the place to launch your idea. Our ventures include businesses, nonprofits, and social enterprises across an array of industries, including agriculture, beauty, education, food and beverage, manufacturing, retail, technology, wearables, and more. Whether you're looking to create a smartphone app, campus-focused service, community organization, manufacturing company, or something else, you will find a home in the Incubator.

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Develop into an entrepreneurial leader

Participation in the TIA Incubator builds entrepreneurial skills: adaptability, resiliency, resourcefulness, strong communication, teamwork, and much more. As an entrepreneur, you'll think about your personal brand, your passions and values, and how you work with teammates and manage others. Join us to see who you become in the process of creating something amazing.

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Ready to start your entrepreneurial journey?

If you have a problem or idea that sparks your enthusiasm and you're ready for an intense, immersive experience building something from the ground up,  we look forward to hearing from you. 

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