Clementina Aboagye

Clementina Aboagye ’25

Major: International Relations; Minor: French
Hometown: Bronx, N.Y.

Clementina grew up in Ghana, West Africa, as the oldest of four siblings. She immigrated to the United States in 2012. Her interest in law started early when she recognized that disparities paralleled in her Ghanaian and Bronx neighborhoods created legal injustices for individuals with lower socioeconomic status. With the dynamics of changing presidential administrations, Clementina became interested in immigration policy and immigrant rights. Clementina realized that lawyers have the power to be agents of change — a responsibility that needs introspective, empathetic, patient, and knowledgeable advocates. At Colgate, she is a part of the Debate Society, a Career Services peer career adviser, a first-year representative of the Black Student Union, and the inter-club liaison for the African Student Union. Clementina also dances in Melanated and Latin American Dance groups. Clementina envisions a future career working at the United Nations focusing on humanitarian aid.

Hadeel Al Qoronz

Hadeel Al Qoronz ’25

Major: Biology; Minors: Sociology, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Hadeel internalized her altruistic values from her family, which shaped her aspirations for a career dedicated to benefiting others. As Hadeel witnessed family members grappling with chronic health issues, her interest in medicine and healing the human body was sparked. At Colgate, Hadeel is a research assistant in Dr. Engda Hagos’ laboratory, in which she investigates the role of Krüppel-like factor 4 in DNA damage and epigenetic changes. Hadeel also serves as the co-president of the Minority Association for Pre-Medical Students. In her hometown, Hadeel is a patient care technician at a local hospital, the treasurer of Sankofa Reproductive Health and Healing Center, and has previously interned at Aids Community Resources Health. Next fall, she will participate in cutting-edge biomedical research at the National Institute of Health, where she will contribute to new health and science-based discoveries that merge her interest in health care and clinical research.

Andrew Audas

Andrew Audas ’25

Major: Political Science; Minor: Philosophy
Hometown: Bethesda, Md.

Andrew’s interest in law emerged during high school when laws and policies limited access to COVID-19 vaccines in his community. At Colgate, his courses taught him how law and policy impact day-to-day life and the inequalities they may create. To explore this impact, Andrew interned at Congressman Raskin’s district office, where he assisted with constituent casework. This past summer, he wrote a 32-page research paper on international intellectual property rights for the James Madison Fellowship, which exposed him to the structural injustices of IPR. Currently, he is abroad in Geneva, Switzerland studying international law and working in the Health, Intellectual Property, and Biodiversity Programme at the South Centre to better understand these injustices. On campus, Andrew works as a writing consultant for the Writing and Speaking Center to help students unlock their potential in academic work and overcome challenges with writing. Before he attends law school, Andrew intends to work as a paralegal to refine his legal writing skills. 

Ella Corbett

Ella Corbett ’24

Double Major: Political Science and Peace and Conflict Studies
Hometown: Harvard, Mass.

Ella's passion for law developed on a high school research project focused on human trafficking. She continues pursuing this passion at Colgate. Ella is a member of the varsity field hockey team where she serves as a wellness advocate and has been named to the National Field Hockey Coaches Association Academic Squad for the past three years. Additionally, she is secretary of Phi Eta Sigma First-year Honors Society, co-president of the John Quincy Adams Society, and president of the Refugee Tutoring organization. Ella worked as a congressional intern for Massachusetts representative Lori Trahan. She will return to the congresswoman’s office this summer to focus on creating a smoother transition process for those immigrating to greater Boston. Following Colgate, Ella plans on pursuing further education and research investigating the European refugee crises before attending law school to focus on international human rights and criminal law.

Gwen Eichfeld

Gwen Eichfeld ’25

Major: Neuroscience; Minor: Philosophy
Hometown: Winnetka, Ill.

Gwen’s interest in health care stemmed from observing her twin brother learn to regulate his behavior, engage socially, and perform everyday physical activities. In high school, she competed at the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair in computational biology and epidemiology and published her independent research in a peer-reviewed journal. At Colgate, Gwen has investigated cancer cells and the microbiome in the lab. This past summer, she interned at the National Institutes of Health using CRISPR and other molecular biology techniques to model Timothy Syndrome, an ultra-rare human disease, in nematode C. elegans. This summer Gwen will participate in the Amgen Scholars program at Harvard University. Gwen also competes as a scholarship student-athlete on Colgate’s Division I Women’s Ice Hockey team. Off the ice, Gwen is a certified EMT and has worked as a lifeguard, direct support professional, campus health assistant, and is currently the head first responder for intramural sports at Colgate. She helped form Colgate’s first neuroscience club and serves as co-president. Her goal as a physician is to develop and apply science-based approaches to have the same positive impact on individuals and families as she has experienced.

Olwethu Ezell

Olwethu Ezell ’26

Majors: Political Science, Sociology
Hometown: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

As a first-generation South African immigrant, Olwethu is empowered by her country’s resilience in the fight against apartheid and has made racial and economic justice advocacy her lifelong practice. Olwethu is passionate about criminal legal reform, especially efforts that challenge policymaking and legislation that disproportionately impacts BIPOC and low-income communities. This passion was ignited when she began volunteering in arraignment court watch sessions, assisting Professor Chandra Russo in her work with the organization, Showing Up for Racial Justice. She collaborates with other volunteers to eliminate the use of cash bail in cases of low-level, non-violent offenses. In spring 2025, Olwenthu will continue her journey in criminal legal reform with Colgate’s Washington, D.C. study group. She envisions a future career in politics that employs law as an avenue for sustainable, long-lasting economic change. 

Joudenie Germain

Joudenie Germain ’24

Majors: Political Science, Sociology 
Hometown: Union, N.J.

Joudenie has always been passionate about giving a voice to those historically ignored. Her motivation to be an attorney stems from her interest in enabling underrepresented groups to have a greater say in legal matters. With the Colgate Vote Project, she aimed to minimize misconceptions about mail-in voting during the 2020 presidential election. Her internship at the Friedlander Consulting Group allowed her to participate in the legislative process for bipartisan bill H.R. 1179, where she successfully acquired the co-sponsorship of several House representatives. During her internship for the Evan Guthrie Law Firm, Joudenie constructed legal articles for a national website to promote a greater understanding of key cases. In spring 2023, she attended Colgate’s Washington, D.C. study group and worked as a professional development office intern in the U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division. As a member of the Tredecim Senior Honor Society, Joudenie commits to fostering a stronger campus community. Following graduation, Joudenie will attend Columbia Law School.

Benjamin Godbout

Benjamin Godbout ’24

Major: Molecular Biology; Minor: Global Public and Environmental Health
Hometown: Sterling, Mass.

Ben’s interest in medicine began shortly after he was diagnosed with heart disease in eighth grade. He was captivated by his cardiologists’ ability to make a positive impact on their patients. Following his diagnosis, Ben worked closely with the Josh Thibodeau Helping Hearts Foundation to advocate for lifesaving legislation in Massachusetts that mandated the presence of AEDs in public schools and school-sponsored events. Ben spent the summer of 2022 at UMass Chan Medical School researching the regulatory mechanisms of cellular division in pursuit of more effective cancer therapies. In the summer of 2023, Ben worked at the National Institutes of Health researching energy distribution and calcium regulation in brain and skeletal muscle mitochondria before participating in the fall study group. When Ben isn’t conducting research at Colgate, facilitating small-group study sessions, or attending Colgate sports games, he enjoys writing and producing music with his brother. They released their first album in November of 2020 and continue to write and record together; an original song from their album was featured on Season 13 of NBC’s American Ninja Warrior. Ben will begin the M.D. program at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry upon graduating and hopes to train as an anesthesiologist.

Camille Goodhart

Camille Goodhart ’25

Major: Political Science; Minors: Philosophy, Peace and Conflict Studies
Hometown: Tiburon, Calif.

Camille’s interest in the legal field began at a young age as she was inspired by her mother’s work as a lawyer. Before Colgate, Camille spent a gap year volunteering for Team Enough’s Youth Lobbying Collective for gun violence prevention. At Colgate, Camille joined the Hamilton Fire Department and trained to become a state-certified firefighter. She is now a student coordinator for the department and Colgate’s Center for Outreach, Volunteerism, and Education. Camille is also a lead link on Colgate’s orientation team, a senior admission intern, and co-leader of Colgate High School Tutors. In the summer of 2023, Camille worked as an advocacy, health, and education systems navigation intern for the Hildebrand Family Self-Help Center in Boston as part of the Manzi Fellowship. Camille was inspired by the experience and saw first-hand the importance of effective legal advocacy in the pursuit of positive change for individuals and communities in need.

Eric Goodney

Eric Goodney ’24

Major: Biochemistry
Hometown: Hanover, N.H.

Eric’s career aspirations evolved watching his mom respond to treatments and an active lifestyle following her diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. Before Colgate, Eric worked alongside the Preferences for Open Versus Endovascular Repair for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm research team at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in White River Junction, Vermont. There, he studied ways to improve communication between physicians and patients facing aortic aneurysms. At Colgate, Eric has been a research assistant for three years in Professor Geier’s organic chemistry lab, studying the synthesis of compounds related to cancer therapy, and sharing his work at Colgate's poster sessions. He also serves as a general chemistry lab assistant. As part of Colgate Caretakers, Eric volunteers at Hamilton’s Adult Day Health Center. Eric races with Colgate’s ski team and enjoys competing in the MidEast division of the USCSA. Additionally, he has worked alongside technicians in the ultrasound lab at the White River VA, learning how imaging helps guide treatments for patients. Eric enjoys following complex cases to the clinic and the operating room and contributing to ongoing research.

Michael Hanratty

Michael Hanratty ’24

Majors: Political Science, Economics
Hometown: Avon, Conn.

Michael’s passion for advocacy began as class president during high school. As he successfully lobbied for a drive-in graduation during the summer of 2020, he realized that he could create meaningful change by speaking up on behalf of others. Now, Michael hopes to pursue a career in constitutional law to defend America’s founding ideals of freedom, equality, and opportunity. Michael served as a research associate for The Federalist Society, a nonprofit focused on fostering robust legal debate on important constitutional topics, where he planned educational events and conferences for over 60,000 member lawyers across the nation. He has also worked as a media affairs intern for the Republican National Committee and an executive intern in the Office of the Secretary of the State of Connecticut. At Colgate, Michael writes an opinion column for the Maroon-News to influence campus debate and offer unique political analysis. He is also the co-musical director of the Colgate Dischords and a member of Colgate’s Division I Men’s Golf team, for which he also serves on the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and as a career ambassador. Upon graduation, Michael will work for two years before attending Harvard Law School, to which he was admitted through the junior deferral program.

Joshua Israel

Joshua Israel ’25

Major: Molecular Biology; Minor: Jewish Studies
Hometown: Madison, Conn.

With two physician parents, Josh was introduced to the world of medicine at a young age. His passion for biology coupled with his vision to use knowledge to improve the lives of others solidified his interest in the field. Josh envisions himself as a physician at an academic institution, working as a teacher and researcher while also caring for patients. Josh’s passion for teaching started at Colgate, where serves as a biology PLTL leader. Outside the classroom, Josh competes and leads as a captain of the Division I Varsity Men’s Tennis Team and chairs the student-athlete Wellness Advocates. During the summer of 2023, Josh interned at the Interventional Oncology Lab at the Yale School of Medicine. There, he helped conduct a novel study investigating the immune response of liver tumors after immunotherapy and cryoablation in mice. Josh looks to continue developing his affinity for research, teaching, and patient care in medical school.

Elizabeth Joffrey

Elizabeth Joffrey ’25

Majors: Neuroscience, German
Hometown: Ithaca, N.Y.

From a young age, Elizabeth knew she wanted to study the brain. She is excited about medical research waiting to be discovered around the neural mechanisms involved in normal function and disease. At Colgate, Elizabeth has worked in Professor Tierney’s lab researching the effects of amino acid consumption and deprivation on house cricket feeding preferences. For her senior thesis, she will investigate song-entangled beat gestures in zebra finches with Professor Kelly and Professor Liu to uncover the mechanisms underlying language acquisition. Elizabeth is a member of the Division I lacrosse team at Colgate, where she serves as career ambassador and One Love ambassador. She is also a German coordinator for the World Languages Program which introduces language to second-graders. This summer, Elizabeth will play in the European Championships in Braga, Portugal for the Israeli Women’s National Lacrosse Team. Following Colgate, Elizabeth plans to pursue an MD/PhD to treat patients and uncover the underlying mechanisms of neurological disorders.

Gahae (Natalia) Kim

Gahae (Natalia) Kim ’24

Major: Molecular Biology
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Gahae first discovered her passion for rare disease research through an internship at SoVarGen, an advanced gene therapy company that utilizes antisense oligonucleotide-based therapeutics to develop groundbreaking cures for neurodevelopmental disorders. This inspired her to pursue a career to understand the molecular basis and markers of rare inherited diseases and to develop RNA-based advanced gene therapies. In the summer of 2022, Gahae joined the Van Wynsberghe lab at Colgate and researched the pri-miRNA processing mechanisms that mediate let-7 expression in the C. elegans heterochronic pathway. Additionally, she is a member of the Tredecim Senior Honor Society, co-president of the Korean Culture Association, a Hancock Commons community leader, and the senior advisor for the Minority Association for Pre-Medical Students and Active Minds. Last summer and fall, Gahae joined the Kozel Lab at the National Institutes of Health to study vascular reactivity and end-organ tissue oxygenation. As a member of the 2023 Bethesda Biomedical Research Study Group, she studied the role of elastin lncRNA as a regulator of elastin expression in people with Williams Syndrome. After graduation, Gahae hopes to work as a clinical research coordinator before applying to medical school.

Jenna Lacy

Jenna Lacy ’25

Majors: Applied Mathematics, Molecular Biology
Hometown: Bothell, Wash.

Jenna is driven by a fervor for interdisciplinary exploration and the hands-on application of scientific principles. On campus, she serves as a head tutor at the math center, guiding fellow students through calculus, and an organic chemistry lab assistant. Jenna is passionate about giving back to her local community and leads a mentorship club designed to empower young girls. After earning her national EMT certification, she now serves the community as an active first responder in Madison County. Jenna's journey into research was sparked during an extended study group trip to Uganda to investigate antibiotic resistance in upper respiratory infections among children under five. This experience fueled her dedication to scientific inquiry, a passion that will take her to contribute to research at the National Institutes of Health for the upcoming summer and fall. Following Colgate, she hopes to attend medical school and explore an interest in oncology.

Labib Mamun

Labib Mamun ’24

Major: Neuroscience
Minor: Global Public and Environmental Health
Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh; and Atlanta, Ga.

Having grown up in the projects of East Atlanta, Labib’s interest in medicine stemmed from witnessing the effects of generational poverty and socioeconomic barriers for immigrants and people of color. Having lost a friend to the flu and seeing his family’s struggles with the financial burden of essential medical procedures, Labib became passionate about access to health care and causes of diseases that disproportionately affect minority communities. At Colgate, Labib has served as the co-president of the Minority Association of Premedical Students and is an OUS/First-Gen Scholar. He has led multiple dialogues about HIV/AIDS-related stigma through the ALANA Cultural Center and is heavily involved with engaging in discussions related to social justice and diversity, equity, and inclusion. His research interests focus on the neuroimmune effects of HIV infection in the brain and the diagnosis and prevention of traumatic brain injury from playing contact sports. He is also interested in early childhood development and works as a part-time teacher at the Chenango Nursery School, where he enjoys spending time with six-year-olds. During the summer of 2022, Labib interned at the Williams laboratory at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine researching the neuroinflammatory properties of HIV infection in the brain; he will return to Hopkins during the summer of 2023. He hopes to continue neuromedical research before applying to medical school. His ultimate goal is to work as a physician in a major urban center with a focus on alleviating disparities in underserved populations.

Alta McQuillen

Alta McQuillen ’26

Major: Molecular Biology; Minors: Writing and Rhetoric, Global Public and Environmental Health 
Hometown: Larchmont, N.Y. 

Alta’s passion for medicine stems from her commitment to medical research and expanding health care access. Before Colgate, Alta joined the Giannakakou Lab at Weill Cornell Medicine and performed research on potential small molecule inhibitors of AR-V7 in castration-resistant prostate cancer. Last summer, Alta worked as an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer at a free health care clinic for uninsured and underinsured Black men. Along with two other volunteers, she oversaw clinic operations, coordinated care, and assisted physicians and nurses. This experience taught her the complexities of disease prevention and health care delivery. At Colgate, Alta performs biostatistics-based research in the biology department. In fall 2023, Alta performed research on the physiological factors affecting canine temperature regulation as a part of a collaborative project submitted for publication. At Colgate, she also mentors and tutors local elementary school students. Her experiences have fueled her determination to earn an MD-MPH, leading her to practice medicine in a way that advances the goal of providing equitable access to health care.

Cynthia Ortiz-Naranjo

Cynthia Ortiz-Naranjo ’25

Major: International Relations; Minor: Economics
Hometown: Seaside, Calif. 

With three younger siblings and a hard-working, single, immigrant mother, Cynthia sees first-hand the legal hurdles her community faces. At Colgate, Cynthia seeks to be fully engaged by competing internationally in Spanish Debate Society, participating in an extended study in Namibia, and now studying away in Geneva, Switzerland. In Geneva, Cynthia is interning at Arigatou International as an advocacy and communications intern. Her recent summer internship at the Office of the Principal Legal Advisor in Newark, NJ, illuminated the injustices immigrants face due to insufficient counsel and laws that do not consider the unique lived experiences of each immigrant. This formative experience cemented her passion for legal advocacy and has driven her to the leadership of the Colgate Pre-Law Society. Following Colgate, Cynthia hopes to work in the legal field before attending law school.

Archie Rook Headshot

Archie Rook ’24

Major: International Relations 
Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska

Archie is a first-generation American raised in one of the country's most culturally diverse neighborhoods. His passion for law stems from his desire to use the justice system to protect the nation's most vulnerable populations. In high school, Archie volunteered in the Anchorage Youth Court, a restorative justice program that allows local youth to forgo misdemeanor charges and a record by participating in peer-led court proceedings and social rehabilitation. In the summer of 2021, he returned to this organization as the law and leadership program manager, raising awareness about the intersection of legal principles and local social inequities. Upon being named an Institute for Responsible Citizenship Washington program scholar and working to increase diversity in senior management and policymaking roles, Archie returned to Alaska and sharpened his skills working with a team at a personal injury firm. Through these, and leadership roles in Colgate’s Student Government Association, Phi Kappa Tau, and the OUS/First-Gen Scholars Programs, Archie seeks to foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive college community. Before pursuing a career in civil litigation and human rights law, he hopes to assist the Alaska Supreme Court in addressing inadequate legal access in rural, underserved communities by becoming a community justice worker. 

Alex Schade Headshot

Alexander (Alex) Schade ’24

Major: Music; Minor: Biology 
Hometown: Chestnut Hill, Mass.

Alex came to Colgate committed to the liberal arts and with strong interests in music and the sciences. His passion for medicine was affirmed when he joined SOMAC Ambulance as an EMT in his first year. Alex further immersed himself in medicine by becoming a student EMT coordinator, serving as a trainer for varsity men’s soccer, working for Colgate’s vaccine and testing group, and working as an EMT over the summers. He is also involved as a chemistry and organic chemistry tutor, serving as the president of the Phi Eta Sigma First-Year Honors Society, and is a Haven ambassador for sexual violence survivors. Aside from these interests, Alex’s music major focuses on composition and piano as he works towards completion of his honors thesis — a requiem mass. Following a family member’s diagnosis of a condition associated with Marfan Syndrome, Alex spent a summer volunteering as a research assistant at Mount Sinai Hospital. There, he performed experiments to study the causes and effects of the unique molecular mechanism involved with this difficult-to-treat condition. This past summer, he volunteered once again at Mount Sinai while also obtaining his Advanced EMT certification which he now uses at Madison County Ambulance as a student coordinator. Following graduation, Alex hopes to continue working as an AEMT in the Boston area while he studies for the MCAT.

Elina Sen-Ghosh Headshot

Elina Sen-Ghosh ’24

Major: Political Science; Minor: English
Hometown: New York, N.Y.

Elina’s passion for legal advocacy sources from her unwavering commitment to serving her community and her belief in the power of individualized service to shape a person’s life. By enabling informed advocacy, Elina hopes to infuse the practice of law with empathy and intention, making it more accessible and approachable to all who seek representation. During high school, she volunteered for a local nonprofit that uplifts academically underperforming public school students. Her dedication to public service has also defined her time at Colgate. She serves as the 2024 class president, the president of Mock Trial, and as a senator in the Student Government Association. Last spring, Elina participated in Colgate’s Washington, D.C. study group where she experienced the federal legislative process firsthand while serving as a policy intern at an advocacy organization focused on women’s rights. Following graduation, she will join Sullivan & Cromwell LLP’s New York City office as a litigation paralegal. 

Headshot of Lara Shqair

Lara Shqair ’24

Majors: Molecular Biology, Sociology
Hometown: Palestine; and Syracuse, N.Y.

Since watching her father pass away as a result of gun violence, Lara has been passionate about pursuing medicine grounded in social justice. Growing up in a culturally, religiously, and economically marginalized household, she has seen the transformative power of collective advocacy and coalition building. Lara hopes to make Colgate as inclusive as possible by coordinating dialogues that create conversations facing different communities. At Colgate, she is a social justice peer educator at the ALANA Cultural Center, an OUS/First-Gen Scholar, vice president of the Muslim Students Association, and senior advisor of the Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students. She currently works as a patient care technician and scribe in an urgent care in Syracuse. Additionally, she completed an independent qualitative research study on women’s disruption and intervention in medical discourse following her internship at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. This past summer, Lara completed the Icahn School of Medicine in Mount Sinai’s Northeast Regional Alliance MedPrep scholar program. She worked on qualitative research aimed at understanding how to combat underrepresentation and marginalization in medicine. In her last semester, Lara spent her time abroad in London, learning about the differences in healthcare provision between the UK and the USA. She shadowed International General Practitioners in London and learned about the challenges doctors face internationally and the approaches needed to be taken to provide adequate, comprehensive, and compassionate care to patients. Following Colgate, Lara will attend an MD program in NYC.

Ankita (Anki) Suri

Ankita (Anki) Suri ’25

Majors: Peace and Conflict Studies, Film and Media Studies
Hometown: Princeton, N.J.

Anki’s passion for law developed while participating in the Gotham Institute for Film and Media study group, where she received a front-row seat to understand the impact of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes on the entertainment industry. Driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, desire to problem-solve, and passion for advocacy and the arts, Anki dedicates her time to uplifting creative voices on campus, primarily through the two creative ventures she founded — 13 Degrees Magazine and the Muse. She now serves as the editor-in-chief of the magazine, elevating unseen stories of expression from Colgate students, and leads her TIA venture, the Muse, providing a platform for student artists to sell their work to the Colgate community. Anki is motivated to create change by providing outlets for representation, protecting the rights of creators and founders of color, and giving back to communities that have helped her grow. Anki plans to pursue a career in intellectual property law, working at the intersection of entrepreneurship and media. 

Taylor Tobias

Taylor Tobias ’25

Majors: Native American Studies, Religion
Hometown: Sturgis, S.D.

Taylor’s passion for legal advocacy stems from his extended study trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he worked at Kha’p’o community school. This experience showed him how pervasive legal inequalities are, especially for Native People. He has a strong interest in understanding how tribal lawyers can impact policy such that Indigenous voices can be heard. At Colgate, Taylor pursues his passion for Indigenous advocacy through his academic work and research. He has focused his energy on illuminating the displacement and subjugation of Native People across American history and within the judicial system. Taylor has led a series of advocacy projects devoted to Native People, namely his extended newspaper work focused on the Dakota Access Pipeline and the ongoing crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women. Taylor’s advocacy work has fortified his belief in the law’s capacity to elucidate Native voices and properly pursue justice. Following Colgate, Taylor intends to attend law school to study tribal law.

Ingrid Vorbrich

Ingrid Vorbrich ’26

Majors: Religion, Molecular Biology
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minn.

Ingrid’s passion for reproductive justice stems from listening to the experiences women of color and low-income patients have with the U.S. medical system. She aims to change the practice of women’s medicine by becoming an OBGYN trained in a public health perspective. Through her majors, Ingrid seeks to understand diverse perspectives and interpretations of health and life, which will help her transform women’s medicine from a science-centric field to a holistic practice that accounts for people’s humanity and background. At Colgate, Ingrid is an EMT with Madison County and a leader of the HAVEN Ambassadors. She also hosts a radio show that combines her love of music and social justice by sharing unheard or underrepresented women’s stories. Ingrid’s work with fifth graders through the North Broad Street mentoring program helps her instill self-confidence, trust, and autonomy to break cycles of misinformation about women’s bodies. Following Colgate, Ingrid intends to pursue an MD, and possibly a MPH or JD.

Brianna Wright

Brianna Wright ’25

Majors: Political Science, Psychology
Hometown: Queens, N.Y.

Growing up in a predominantly Black area in Queens illuminated the legal system’s inequalities and shaped Brianna’s interest in how lawyers impact policy and reform. Her excitement for law stemmed from her participation in her high school’s national travel debate team, which she continues to coach. At Colgate, Brianna competes in the Debate Society. Brianna has previously worked alongside the psychological and brain sciences faculty using intersectional research in social and clinical psychology to examine biases in policymaking and law. In the political science department, she is currently working with Professor Moore on research for her upcoming book, Toeing the Line: The Supreme Court, Race, and Affirmative Action. In the summer of 2022, Brianna worked with a political consulting firm assisting grassroots campaigns of progressive candidates in New York City. Last summer, she was an investigative intern at the Civilian Complaint Review Board’s Racial Profiling and Biased Policing Division in Manhattan; she returned to continue this position remotely this spring. There, she works on cases of alleged police brutality and discrimination centered on people with protected identities, including one’s race, gender and gender identity, and immigration status. Conducting legal research and field investigations, participating in numerous interviews, and attending trials reinforced her passion for law. Brianna intends to pursue a dual degree following Colgate to focus on litigation, civil rights, and public policy.