University Studies

  • Persson Hall with fall foliage
    Colgate students and faculty played the role of Supreme Court Justices, sans robes, during a debate on the legacy of one of the most controversial cases heard by America’s highest court in recent years. The September 25 forum titled “After Masterpiece Cakeshop: Liberty and Equality in the Mix,” honored Constitution Day by examining the aftermath […]
    October 3, 2018
  • Alec Hufford '18 in Case-Geyer
    Religious faith is often described as a personal journey. Throughout life, people drift toward and away from religion, its importance waxing and waning with changing values, life events, and self-knowledge. For Alec Hufford ’17, the journey of faith has been more literal. A religion major and Jewish studies minor, he has traveled the globe, studying […]
    April 27, 2018
  • Illustration of trees in front of a cityscape
    After researching topics from farming to fracking, students in ENST 232: Environmental Justice presented their findings at a poster session in the Ho Atrium on December 8. The class, taught by Professor April Baptiste, explores how social justice and environmental issues intersect. Athena Bender ’17 and Shana Shapiro ’19 analyzed the effects of urban agriculture […]
    December 21, 2016
  • “Who knew that so many new things could be made from junk?” said Fiona Adjei Boateng ’19, a theater student who was making handbags out of denim pants during an upcycling workshop. Reet Aus, an Estonian fashion designer and environmental pioneer, hosted the workshop in Clifford Gallery. She is known for upcycling, which is using […]
    November 14, 2016
  • A wastewater treatment plant.
    It turns out that everyone may have been measuring carbon emissions incorrectly all along. But not in a good way. New research led by Colgate Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies and Physics Linda Tseng, published this week in the journal Environmental Science and Technology and reported in Scientific American, identified an overlooked source of greenhouse gas […]
    November 7, 2016
  • Reet Aus in the documentary Out of Fashion
    Over the next few days, environmentally conscious fashion trailblazer Reet Aus is visiting campus. She’ll lead a handful of special events to highlight how she’s been working to make fashion more sustainable. Her doctoral thesis focused on efforts to incorporate upcycling into mass production, and since 2012 she has been working with Beximco, a major apparel […]
    October 28, 2016