Rebecca Docter

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  • Students dancing at Dancefest
    Today, the university held one of its best-known traditions: Dancefest. This year, the event marked its 20th anniversary. Follow the timeline, and take a look back at past years’ festivities.     If you couldn’t be there in person, you can still watch Dancefest via our Livestream archive.  
    April 20, 2018
  • Monuments men looking at art found in the Altaussee salt mine during WWII
    During WWII, the Mona Lisa was moved five times to keep it safe from looters. But other works of art and cultural materials weren’t so lucky.  Under the direction of Adolf Hitler, the Germans looted paintings, church bells, Torahs, and more. Enter the Monuments Men, who were cultural-preservation officers recruited by the Allies to protect […]
    October 30, 2017