Alumnus Brings Clothing Line NaSo to Banana Republic

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When Uyi Omorogbe ’19, founder of the clothing line NaSo, finished speaking about his experience in Nigeria at a summer funding event last year, Ann Doyle P’22 handed him her business card. Doyle is the executive vice president and chief product officer at Banana Republic, and with her help, Omorogbe held a pop-up event for NaSo at the retailer’s Rockefeller Center location in February. 

Omorogbe developed his Nigerian-influenced collection of shirts, dresses, and more though Colgate’s Thought Into Action (TIA) incubator. Learn more about how he became an entrepreneur.


White shirts hanging up at a clothing store
For the Banana Republic event, Omorogbe updated the popular Mandarin Collar shirt, “The Edo,” removing some of the prints to simplify and modernize the style. “It's very similar to how Apple updates their products by actually taking things away,” he says.
Mannequin wearing a jacket at a clothing store
“The pop-up actually blended really well with the merchandise of Banana Republic's store,” Omorogbe says.


Following the pop-up event, Omorogbe told his story on Cheddar: