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Portrait of Alyson Bruise

Alyson Brusie ’22

Hometown: Wellington, Florida
Major: International relations
Minor: Peace and conflict studies
Activities: Ski and Snowboarding Club, tour guide, political science research, sorority organization. Off campus, coach and judge for my high school's debate team and two jobs during this upcoming summer in coaching at debate camps.

Portrait of Ethan Cherry

Ethan Cherry ’23

Hometown: Reisterstown, Maryland
Major: Undeclared (political science)
Minor: Undeclared (architecture)
Activities: Class of 2023 Class Council General Member, The Colgate Maroon-News, Mock Trial, Real Estate Club, Tour Guide

Portrait of Izzy

Izzy King ’23

Hometown: Wilton, Connecticut
Major: Undeclared (geology)
Minor: Undeclared (educational studies)
Activities: Club Squash, SideKicks, Tour Guide

Portrait of Ezra

Eduardo Ezra Martinez de la Vega Mansilla ’20

Hometown: Cortland, New York
Major: Sociology
Minor: Latin American studies
Activities: Club Soccer, Club Frisbee, Club Volleyball, LAD, LASO, Lounge, CL, Intramural Referee and Participant

Portrait of John Morgan

John Morgan ’22

Hometown: Stafford, Virginia
Email: jmorgan@colgate.eduu
Majors: Middle Eastern & Islamic studies, geography
Activities: Colgate Debate Society, Yes Means Yes, Arabic Tutor, Communications Intern for Thought Into Action Entrepreneurship, French Club, Intramural Soccer

Every Colgate student's journey is unique

Colgate attracts students who want to live in a community with peers, study seriously, challenge themselves, be active, get involved. The reason it feels right to people from so many different places and perspectives is because Colgate supports, and welcomes them.


Portait of Kayla Logar

Kayla Logar ’20

Hometown: Denver, Pennsylvania
Major: Mathematics
Minors: Economics and computer science
Activities: University Chorus, Section leader in the Chamber Singers, Vice president of worship and service at the Newman Catholic Community, Club badminton, Ballroom dance, Tutoring liaison in the math club

Portrait of Clinton Obi.

Clinton Obi ’20

Hometown: Orange, New Jersey
Major: Physics
Activities: OUS/First Scholars Program, The Colgate Dischords, Physics club, Colgate Japanese Cultural Community, Black Student Union, African Student Union

Portrait of Madeline Roy

Madeline Roy ’22

Hometown: Houston, Texas
Major: Biology
Activities: Woodworking, COVE, Sustainability intern at Frank, Dart Colegrove Council Member

Portrait of Rachel Brown.

Rachel Brown ’22

Hometown: Marshall, Virginia
Major: Molecular biology
Minor: Women’s Studies
Activities: Women’s club soccer, Irish dance club, Tour guide

Portrait of Patrick Needham

Patrick Needham ’20

Hometown: Vermilion, Ohio
Major: Biochemistry
Activities: Hammer thrower on the D1 track and field team

Portrait of Tommy Halkyard.

Tommy Halkyard ’20

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada
Major: Music
Minor: Computer science
Activities: D-1 Football, WRCU, Colgate University Orchestra, Delta Upsilon, VizLab, The Mat, DJ Club, IT Center