Alumni Awards

Honoring extraordinary service among Colgate alumni and friends.

The following alumni and staff were selected by the Awards Committee of the Alumni Council in 2022-23. 

Wm. Brian Little ’64 Award For Distinguished Service To Colgate

First established in 1937, this is the highest honor bestowed by the Alumni Council. It recognizes Colgate alumni/ae who have rendered distinguished service to the college and have previously received the Maroon Citation. Mere prominence is not the criterion; rather, the award recognizes those who have worked, over a number of years, with marked intelligence and success to promote the highest interests of the college.

The recipients of the 2023 Wm. Brian Little '64 Award for Distinguished Service to Colgate are Andy Roffe '68, Jeanne Follansbee '78, Christine Gallagher '83, and Eric Cole '93.

Maroon Citation

The citation was established in 1955 in grateful recognition of significant and invaluable personal contributions to Colgate University. A record of service, rather than a single act or achievement, is the criterion for selection. Although primarily an honor to be bestowed on Colgate alumni/ae (up to 13 annually), the Maroon Citation may also be awarded to up to three (3) non-alumni employees of the University or members of the Society of Families whose service to the institution meets the requirements.

Larry Arnold '63
Peter O'Neill '68 
Fausto Miraglia '73
Tim O'Neill '78
Tom Tyree '83
Paul Cascio '83
Carole Robinson '83

Teresa Delgado '88
Julian Farrior '93
Julie Ackerman '93
Kaori Nakamura '93
Johanna Ames '98
Shevorne Martin '08

Dawn LaFrance (Assistant Vice President of Counseling and Psychological Support; Director of Sexual Violence Support)
Tim Borfitz (Director, Data Analytics and Decision Support)
Esther Rosbrook (Director, ALANA Cultural Center)

Alumni Corporation Humanitarian Award

Established in 2003, the purpose of this award is to honor Colgate alumni/ae who have devoted themselves to improving the lives of individuals and communities. This award also recognizes Jane Lagoudis Pinchin, distinguished member of the faculty, Dean and Provost, and Interim President of Colgate 2001-2002, who in both her personal life and professional career has worked with intelligence, warmth, and energy for the benefit of communities. The Colgate Alumni Corporation Humanitarian Award honors someone who is unusually committed to helping others and who, by choice of career or other significant commitment of time and energy, exemplifies all that Colgate seeks to inspire in its students by way of devotion to community.

The recipient of the 2023 Alumni Corporation Humanitarian Award is Dr. Herbert (Rick) Dalton '71.

Ann Yao ’80 Memorial Young Alumni Award

This award was established in 1992 to honor and recognize up to three (3) alumni who have demonstrated remarkable and meritorious service to Colgate since graduation and who exemplify the qualities possessed by the late Ann Yao '80. These qualities include volunteer work at the District Alumni Club level and/or in Alumni Admissions work and/or in class fund-raising efforts. This award is not based on service while an undergraduate. Eligible candidates are members of the fifth Reunion Class.

The recipients of the 2023 Ann Yao '80 Memorial Young Alumni Award are Madison Bailey '18, Garrett Esper '18, and Kristy Saldana '18. 

Entrepreneur of the Year

This award was established in 2013 to honor and recognize the achievements and qualities of an alumna/us who best exemplifies the ideals of entrepreneurship.  The award is presented at the annual Entrepreneur Weekend on campus.  

Criteria includes:

  • Created a venture from the ground up, transformed an existing company, or created something new within an industry or company which became transformational
  • Demonstrated passion for moving an idea forward to meet a need
  • Leveraged their liberal arts education in achieving success
  • Contributed to the Colgate community of entrepreneurs and/or students in ways that are an inspiration to others
  • Conducted his or her business and personal relationships with the highest integrity


The recipient of the 2023 Entrepreneur of the Year Award is Britty O'Connor '12.