Students submitting applications to Colgate are invited to submit a recording of music materials to supplement their applications.

Supplement Guidelines

Submitting material for review does not require a commitment to major in music, nor will it impact academic placement. Submissions are reviewed by the music faculty, providing they are submitted by the appropriate application deadline.

Submissions are welcome in the following instruments: 

  • bass
  • bassoon
  • cello
  • larinet
  • drum
  • flute
  • French horn
  • guitar
  • jazz bass
  • jazz piano
  • jazz saxophone
  • jazz trumpet
  • oboe
  • organ
  • percussion
  • piano
  • saxophone
  • trombone
  • trumpet
  • tuba
  • viola
  • violin
  • voice


Please include 15 minutes of any solo work(s) of your choosing. Scales or orchestral excerpts are not necessary. Label the works, including movement titles.

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