Department of Geology

Explore the Earth and its natural systems in one of the best undergraduate geology programs in the nation.


Students and faculty members spend an afternoon lab exploring the geology of Moss Island in Little Falls, N.Y., with geology professor Martin Wong.
Students spend an afternoon lab exploring the geology of Moss Island in Little Falls, N.Y., with geology professor, Martin Wong.

Geology students at Colgate work side-by-side with faculty in the classroom, in the field, and in the lab. Off-campus field programs and student-faculty research involving hands-on experience with specialized instrumentation and computer modeling are just some of the ways our students explore the science of geology.

Colgate’s geology concentration programs are designed to enhance students' understanding of the planet and to help them pursue careers in science, education, environmental consulting, business, law, and natural resource-related fields. 

The department offers the following major and minor programs:

Department Contacts

Chair: William Peck

Office: 422 Ho Science Center

Phone: 315-228-6798

Whenever the seismic team was mapping the ocean floor, we had to watch out for whales. If a whale ventured within the 500-meter radius, international law dictated that all seismic activity pause until the whale moved away.
Meghan Duffy ’18 describes her thesis work during a research cruise to Antarctica with professor Amy Leventer

Robert M. Linsley Geology Museum

Geology professor Joe Levy uses high-resolution images of Mars to research permafrost on the red planet.
Student talks with Maasai women during geology research trip to Africa
Monica Dimas '19 talks to the local Maasai women in Tanzania while helping Assistant Professor Aubreya Adams install seismometers in Africa to learn about the tectonics and deep interior of the East African Rift System.

Header photo by Austin Sun ’19.