Extracurricular clubs and activities provide opportunities for students in all class years to hone skills through their tangible application to problems, and to explore post-graduation possibilities in academia and industry.

Student Clubs

<Colgate Coders>

Presenters speak to a crowd of students about preparing for technical interviews.

<Colgate Coders> club is open to all students who have a passion for or interest in coding. While many members pursue computer science majors or minors, the club is open to all, and is focused on cultivating interest in technology. The club supports extracurricular programming such as:

  • networking opportunities both among students, and with alumni
  • workshops
  • hackathons and coding challenges
  • tech lectures

Students from all class years are welcome and active club members. This creates a meaningful mentoring dynamic between students with different levels of experience.

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Women in Computer Science (WiCS)

The Women in Computer Science club fosters a supportive environment for women engineers on the Colgate campus. The members further develop their technical skills in preparation for a successful future in the technology industry, and engage with Colgate and local communities to promote computer science training. The club supports programming such as:

  • student mentoring
  • course registration advising
  • discussions on current and relevant topics in computer science

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Technic Titans

The Colgate Technic Titans are passionate about gaining practical, hands-on experience in robotics and programming. The club hosts robotics contests and offers interactive brown bag seminars led by industry professionals, alumni, and faculty, focusing on real-world applications and career opportunities. The club also fosters professional development, giving students the tools they need to succeed in emerging tech fields.

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If you feel like an opportunity is unavailable to you at Colgate, but should be, you can talk to the department and they will support you as much as possible. This was especially true when I started the club, right in my first semester.

Yasoob Khalid Class of 2021

Travel to Conferences

Three female Colgate students in attendance at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing

In a field as dynamic as computer science and technology, the department recognizes the value of regular exposure to new ideas and people from across the country and world. The department allocates resources to support students attending conferences such as:

  • The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing
  • The Richard W. Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing

Students may contact the department chair or a faculty adviser in the department to express interest in such opportunities.

Prep for Tech

Prep for Tech is a two-day interviewing boot camp for students interested in computer science, software engineering, and programming-related careers. The event includes skill development workshops and mock interview sessions with computer science alumni. Students learn what top tech employers expect from candidates and how to be successful in technical and behavioral interviews.

The event is advertised to current computer science students and posted on the Colgate University Events Calendar.


The department believes that a model of "students helping students" contributes to a supportive and positive atmosphere within the Colgate computer science community on campus.

Students who have taken computer science courses may apply for a paid position as a tutor within the department.

Interested? Contact the department chair.