Average number of students who work with professors over the summer on research in computer science.
Significant research grants received by computer science faculty since 2015.
Papers published by the department faculty since 2017.

Research Facility

Students use the research lounge for research, collaboration, and even the occasional nap.
Students use the research lounge for research, collaboration, and even the occasional nap.

Faculty and student research is supported by access to sophisticated computing facilities and resources. This begins with the department’s “research lounge” in McGregory Hall, a flexible and comfortable hub for research activity in the summer and the center of student activity during the semester. The lounge is adjacent to the department’s machine room, which houses the computational equipment used in research by faculty and students.

Research Subjects

Computer science faculty members are continually working to advance research in their specialties. Students with interest in a particular specialty may contact the faculty member to learn more.

Specialties Faculty Member
Computer graphics, user interfaces, systems Elodie Fourquet
Network configuration repair, network verification Aaron Gember-Jacobson
Data management, data mining, and privacy and technology Michael Hay
Asynchronous VLSI, computer architecture / organization Sandra Jackson
Discrete structures, theory of computation, programming language semantics, formal methods, object-oriented programming Phil Mulry
Probability and statistics, mathematical economics, game theory, discrete mathematics, simulation, analysis of algorithms, parallel computing Chris Nevison
Algorithms, theoretical computer science, economics and computation, computer networking Vijay Ramachandran
Theoretical computer science: algorithms, automata, computability and complexity theory, logic Hiva Samadian
Human-computer interaction, user-centered design, interpersonal relationship maintenance Madeline E. Smith
Network measurement, network traffic modeling and analysis Joel Sommers