This information is part of the Colgate University catalog, 2023-24.

Major Requirements

The major program consists of the following requirements:

All of the Following


One of the following:

Integrated Laboratory Course

At least one of the following CHEM 380-series integrated laboratory courses:

Half-Semester Courses

At least one course credit from the half-semester courses:


Independent Studies (, , and ) may not normally be substituted for one of the courses listed in the above requirements, but if it can be demonstrated that such a course provides sufficient breadth at the advanced level, the department will consider a petition for substitution.

Additional Requirements

Calculus Course Option

At least one course from the following:

Physics Sequence

One of the following sequences (usually taken by the sophomore year):

Seminar Series

Junior and senior majors are expected to attend a weekly seminar series at which students, faculty, and guests present topics from the current literature and their own research.

GPA Requirement

An overall GPA of at least 2.00 is required for the chemistry and biology courses (and associated labs) chosen to meet major requirements.

Honors and High Honors

Students interested in pursuing honors can find the additional requirements on the  department page.


Those who wish to major in biochemistry normally take / and / (or /) and the necessary math courses in the first year. The standard sophomore courses are / and /, plus the year of introductory physics or /. Typically, juniors will take  and  in the fall or spring semester, and  in the spring semester. Students can elect to take either / in the fall term or  and a CHEM 380-series integrated laboratory course , , or  in the junior year. Seniors take ,  along with one course credit from , , , or .

Chemistry Department

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