Prohibited Conduct Response Group (PCRG) members are an informal source of advice and referral for those who seek a solution to problems of discrimination, harassment, or sexual assault, or who wish to discuss their concern before deciding whether to file a formal complaint.

Prohibited Conduct Response Group (PCRG)1 members endeavor to listen to and respect the wishes of an individual who brings forward a discrimination or harassment concern. You are not alone. 

It may not be possible, however, for a conversation with a Prohibited Conduct Response Group member to be kept in confidence due to ethical and legal obligations to investigate incidents for the protection of all members of the community. Said another way, the adviser may not be able to simply to listen, without taking action.

PCRG members were named Equity Grievance Panel (EGP) members under the previous policy, and will continue to serve in that capacity for any investigation, hearing, or appellate panel that is brought under the previous EGP policy and process

Members of the PCRG are trained to serve in the following roles:

  • To serve as a first point of contact and provide information and resources to a reporting individual or respondent,
  • To serve in a facilitation role in informal resolution,
  • To investigate complaints,
  • To act as advisors to those involved in complaints,
  • To serve on hearing panels to adjudicate allegations of Prohibited Conduct (as noted in Section XIV.A, a panel consisting of three members of the PCRG plus a nonvoting panel chair is responsible for adjudicating those allegations brought to a formal hearing under this procedural document),
  • To serve on appellate panels and,
  • To serve in an educative role for the community.


The PCRG membership includes faculty and staff drawn from across the institution. PCRG members receive annual training organized by the Associate Provost for Equity and Diversity and Title IX Coordinator, including a review of Colgate policies and procedures so that they are able to provide accurate information to members of the community. All PCRG members are required to attend this annual training. All administrative advisors and on-call staff also undergo training with the PCRG regardless of whether they are formally appointed to the PCRG. Additional advanced training in investigation protocol , the conduct of adjudication hearings, informal resolution processes and the appellate process is provided annually to subsets of the PCRG members who serve in these roles.



An individual who wishes to receive emotional support only should contact one of the following confidential counseling resources:

Prohibited Conduct Response Group Membership

Colgate students, faculty, and staff may reveal contact information for members by logging in to the website.

Prohibited Conduct Response Group (PCRG) Members

Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Assistant Director for Investigations
88 Hamilton Street
Campus Safety Officer
88 Hamilton Street
Associate Vice President for Budget and Financial Planning
308 James B. Colgate Hall
Associate Dean for First and Second-Year Experience and Community Development
Assistant Dean for Administrative Advising
116 McGregory Hall
Title IX Coordinator and Equity and Diversity Officer
Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies; Chair, Department of Biology
224 Ho Science Center
Warren ’43 and Lillian Anderson Chair in Chemistry; Professor of Chemistry; Chair, Department of Chemistry
Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience; Chair of Psychological and Brain Sciences
Associate Dean and Director of International Student Services
101 McGregory Hall
Administrative Assistant for Administrative Advising
Associate Dean for Administrative Advising
Director of Engagement and Support
355P Case-Geyer
Senior Administrative Assistant, Equity and Diversity
Interim Provost and Dean of the Faculty; William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies
302 Ho Science Center
Administrative Assistant
121 McGregory Hall
Associate Athletics Director of Compliance
Huntington Gym
Director of the ALANA Cultural Center
ALANA Cultural Center
Daniel C. Benton '80 Endowed Chair in Arts, Creativity, and Innovation; Associate Professor of Film & Media Studies and Women's Studies
Dean for Administrative Advising and Student Conduct
Associate Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies; Director of the Women's Studies Program
223 Alumni Hall
Professor of Philosophy
Director, COVE
109G Lathrop Hall

Title IX Training Materials

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