Sexual Violence Reporting 2012-2020

The information below provides an eight-year summary (from 2012 to 2020) of sexual violence cases brought forth by Colgate students. New York State's Enough Is Enough Annual Reporting Requirement served as the template for this report.

Summary of student sexual violence cases Number of students
Student reports of sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking 143
Reporting students who filed a complaint of sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, sexual assault, dating violence, and/or stalking 36
Responding students found Responsible 24
Description of sanctions imposed (Note that in some cases, multiple sanctions were applied.) Apology: 6; Reprimand: 1; Probation: 6; Campus restriction: 4; Suspension: 3; Expulsion: 9
Number of responding students found Not Responsible (In some cases, an investigation does not indicate that a policy violation occurred, or there is insufficient evidence to proceed with the adjudication process.) 7