Students can receive free, confidential counseling in a safe, secure setting in order to explore issues around alcohol and other mood-altering substances.

Individual counseling topics include:

  • binge drinking
  • alcohol misuse and abuse
  • substance use
  • understanding BAC and other pertinent informative questions
  • family substance use issues
  • supporting friends who have alcohol and/or substance use issues

Educational Appointments

Students referred to Shaw Wellness through the disciplinary system for alcohol and other drug violations participate in educational sanctioned appointments. These appointments include: — a highly interactive and personalized online program that allows students to reflect on and consider changing their drinking.

AOD Educational Group — a 90-minute group experience that encourages low to moderate-risk students to change their alcohol and/or drug use.

BASICS or CASICS — Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS) or Cannabis Screening and Intervention for College Students (CASICS), brief motivational interventions to reduce problem drinking and usage.

Evaluation — Three to four sessions reviewing the student’s substance use, legal history, and impact on daily functioning. Following interviews,  full report with recommendations is provided. 


A variety of confidential weekly support groups  explore issues and challenges related to alcohol and substance use with the AOD counselor in a comfortable setting. Schedule a pre-group session with the AOD counselor to talk more about joining a group — whether you are recovering or have family members who struggle with substance abuse.

AOD Workshops and Programming

Training for Intervention Procedures (TIPS) — Learn how and when to intervene in situations of alcohol misuse. TIPS Training is required for student organization members who will be social hosts, door monitors, sober monitors, and servers at registered events with alcohol. 

Don’t Lose A Friend to Booze: What To Do — Learn the do’s and don’t of how to help a friend who has been drinking and how to recognize and react to the signs of alcohol poisoning.

Let’s Talk About Blackouts, Brownouts, and Passouts — Recognize symptoms in yourself and others, biological reasons for the experience, and potential negative impacts.

What is a BAC? — Identify BAC, its importance, and how can you use this knowledge to develop healthy drinking habits. Will discuss BAC cards/apps including their usefulness and purpose.

Mixing Gone Wrong: Alcohol, Stimulants, and OTC Drugs — Explore intentional and accidental medication combinations that can be problematic or even lethal.

Rethinking Drinking Write Now! — Use creative writing and the relationships formed in this workshop setting to discover yourself, develop emotional self-awareness, and build healthy, effective decision making skills around alcohol.

Off Campus Resources