Review Counseling Center programming and request outreach services.

Anyone interested in knowing more about counseling center services and staff training may request a program. Outreach efforts raise awareness of mental health challenges, promote beneficial mental health practices, and highlight various opportunities for support that are available for the Colgate community.

Campus-wide outreach services include training and program sessions focusing on (but are not limited to):

  • Prevention: Suicide; sexual assault and intimate partner violence; responding to mental health emergencies and crises
  • Psychoeducation: alcohol and other drugs; eating disorders/body image; Seasonal Affective Disorder; social justice and multiculturalism; relationships and interpersonal functioning; and many more
  • Promotion & Access: overview of counseling center services, making an appointment, crisis services

To request a program or training session, contact Monique Lewis, mental health counselor, at least two weeks in advance.