International Humans of Colgate: Meet Parna Shakouri!

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Full Name: Parna Shakouri

Class Year: 2023

Major? Philosophy and Religion

Where are you from? Tehran, Iran

Where are you right now? Los Angeles, California

Story Time: One of my best experiences at Colgate was being a part of the University Production in the fall. It was such an adventure to make new friends and grow as an actress while working with actual professionals! Definitely a highlight of my first-year.

What do you miss most about Colgate? I miss the vibe! I didn't realize how much I'd gotten attached to being around students, faculty, and staff. I didn't realize the impact that the livelihood of Colgate has on my happiness. Everyone is passionate about something different and it's awesome to be around that positivity all the time. I miss everyone a lot :(

Favorite place on campus? With no doubt, Donovan's! I love everything about Donovan's: the food, the staff, the events, and the sense of community it brings to everyone.

The best piece of advice you ever received? The best piece of advice I received was to be open to find new passions and not be against big or small shifts in my life path.

Social Media Handles? (Twitter, Instagram, etc.) @parna__ on Instagram

Anything else you want to add? I hope everyone is doing well. I will miss the seniors and I can't wait to see everyone again soon! Something positive to focus on, we'll have a whole cohort of new students with us when we get back to campus!