International Humans of Colgate: Meet Janney Zhao!

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Janney Zhao

Full Name: Janney Zhao Yiyan

Class Year: 2022

Major? International RelationsMathematical Economics

Where are you from? China

Where are you right now? Colgate Hamilton, NY

Story Time: Honestly, looking back on the days before the quarantine started, they all look pretty great in retrospect:)) The people here are super supportive, and if I need help in anything, there are friends/faculties/professors who are willing to reach out and provide the support. I managed to travel around the U.S. with my Model UN team, since I've never been to the US before, it has been really great, and I also met some amazing people on the team, who influenced me on my major decisions and graduate school decisions, too.

How are you spending your time in quarantine? Quarantine has definitely made my days less exciting but at the same time, I rarely get to enjoy the peace and quiet of the campus and my building, so starting to appreciate that as well. Now let's hear about my day. I jog around the campus (with a friend, shh) in the morning to get some fresh air, have breakfast and get ready to have online classes around 8:20. I have classes the entire morning and labs in the early afternoon. After classes, I will have lunch, and relax by watching some Youtube videos. Then in the afternoon, I will read/do homework/write essays by the fireplace in the common room (loneliness makes me cold). In the evenings, I video call my family and friends. And if it's still early, I will watch a movie.

What do you miss most about Colgate? Definitely the people, social interaction with my friends, suitemates, professors, and knowing that I can hug people without being lysol-ed :((

Favorite place on campus? The lake and willow path

Hopes, dreams, goals for the future? I hope everything can get back to normal soon, and everyone comes back to campus safely~

The best piece of advice you ever received? Take challenging classes that brings you out of your comfort zone

Social Media Handles? (Twitter, Instagram, etc.) @janneyzhao (insta)