Before beginning the application below, learn more about the summer funding available from career services.

Application Process

We provide a step-by-step outline of the application process, how applications are evaluated, and when you should expect to hear decisions on your funding application.

Thank you for your interest in applying for Summer Funding. It is highly recommended that you work on your application offline, save a copy, and then transfer your responses to the online form.

Download application questions here.

  1. Have your resume/CV reviewed and certified. 
    Resumes/CVs must be reviewed and certified by Career Services during the current academic year prior to the application deadline in order to be considered for Summer Funding. Certification can often take several trips to Career Services — start early to ensure your document is ready to go at the deadline.
  2. Begin considering your summer plans. 
    Although you do not need to have a confirmed summer experience to apply for funding. It is important to be able to articulate your main search criteria in the application. Consult with one of our career advisers for assistance in considering your options. Students will have until June 1 to finalize an opportunity.  
  3. Review the short answer questions of your application and begin crafting your responses.
    Each application question provides the committee insight into your thought process. Take the opportunity to fully answer each question with a thoughtful response. 
  4. Get help on your application materials. 
    Our advisers are on hand to assist you to brainstorm your response. To make an appointment, stop by Benton Hall, use our online form, or call 315-228-7380. 

    The application period for 2023 Summer Funding is now closed.

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Application Review

Career Services will compile all paperwork, remove student names and ID numbers, and distribute to members of the selection committee. 

The Summer Funding Selection Committee is comprised of faculty, staff, and alumni. The committee members will review applications against a rubric that will be shared with students during summer funding strategy sessions. Every application will be reviewed by three separate readers. Scores will be aggregated and candidates ranked accordingly. Funding will be disbursed to the highest-ranked eligible candidates and is not available to all applicants. Financial aid status will be considered in decisions. 
The Committee will evaluate applications on the following criteria: 

  • Intentionality: The applicant shows evidence of thought around what they are searching for and how criteria for the summer experience have been determined.
  • Clarity of learning objectives: The applicant clearly defines and articulates potential takeaways from the proposed summer experience(s).
  • Relevance of experience: If the applicant proposes an experience that is exploratory in nature, the applicant provides evidence to explain why proposed experience(s) allow exploration and reflection on these areas of interest. Alternatively, if the applicant is searching for an experience that is purposeful with regard to identified career goals, the applicant provides evidence for how proposed experiences are relevant to the student's future goals.
  • Compelling articulation of why: The applicant provides a compelling rationale as to why these types of experiences would be critical to explore or pursue an identified career interest.
  • Familiarization and maturity: The applicant demonstrates evidence of research and understanding of industry-based, organizational, geographic, and/or cultural dynamics of the proposed experience.