Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, the University may not disclose personally identifying information from students’ educational records (including schedules, grades, and GPA) without the student’s consent. To allow students to share their information with trusted individuals like parents or guardians, Colgate uses the InfoShare system.

Using InfoShare, students may designate a person as authorized to view their academic records including:

  • Academic transcript (unofficial)
  • Class schedule
  • Final grades
  • Financial aid application requirements
  • Financial aid awards
  • Holds (financial and academic)
  • Registration status

Note: Students allowing access to their records through InfoShare are not waiving their FERPA rights.

InfoShare Help For:

Accessing InfoShare

Setting Up Designees

  1. In the portal, click the InfoShare tab under Banner Self-Service
  2. Click Add Proxy, fill in the required information, and again click Add Proxy
  3. "Expand" your designee by clicking on name
  4. Set a relationship for your designee
  5. Click authorization tab and choose which pieces of information you’d like to make available to your designee (Information is saved automatically once it is entered or a box is checked).

Note: Students must complete all five steps to successfully add a designee. The designee will automatically receive an e-mail after all steps are completed properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I save information and preferences I enter on the InfoShare page?

The Profile tab automatically saves the information you enter. You can also view recent activity (including the profile changes you’ve made) using the History tab. Same thing with the Authorization tab; it automatically saves the items you’ve selected. If the box next to the item is checked, your designee has access to view it.

Can my designee call the registrar’s office or other offices on campus to discuss the information they see?

No. InfoShare authorization does not grant university officials the authority to discuss your information with your designee. InfoShare gives you the ability to grant access to view – and only view – select information. If your designee has a question about what they are viewing, they should speak to you. If you’d like someone to be able to discuss your confidential academic records with a university official, you must submit a FERPA waiver to the appropriate office. If you need assistance with a FERPA waiver, please contact the registrar’s office at registrar@colgate.edu.

My designee said they can’t see my Student Accounts information. Where can I authorize this?

Student Account information (charges, payments, etc.) is not available via InfoShare. Students, and their designated Authorized Users, view billing information via TouchNet. For questions, please contact the Office of Student Accounts at 315-228-4817 or stuaccounts@colgate.edu.

How do I change what my designee can access or remove access entirely?

Click your designee’s name to expand their profile. Click on the Authorization tab and check or uncheck boxes to adjust their access. To remove all access change the stop date on your designee’s Profile tab and/or remove all checkmarks on your designee’s Authorization tab. Doing either of these will remove all access to your records.

How many people can I list as designees?

There is no limit to how many people you can authorize on InfoShare; however, we caution you to limit your designees to only trusted individuals who are vital to your educational experience at Colgate.

Accessing InfoShare

I lost my login information. What should I do?

Your username is the e-mail address that your student used to grant you access. If you aren’t sure which e-mail address was used, please ask your student. To reset your PIN you can: Use the Forgot PIN link on the sign-in page, your student can initiate a PIN reset for you, or you can contact the Colgate Helpline (itshelp@colgate.edu or 315-228-7111). If you would like your student to initiate your password reset, they can find the link on the profile tab.

My student does not know how to grant me access to InfoShare. Can a university official do this for me?

Your student must initiate your authorization to view their information. Colgate officials cannot. Students can find instructions on this webpage and also can contact the Colgate Helpline with any technical questions (itshelp@colgate.edu or 315-228-7111).

I do not see all of my student's “secure” information. Why?

The items your student has authorized you to view will appear on the tab with your student’s name on it. If you do not see the information you were expecting you should contact your student. If your student has authorized you to view an item but you still do not see it you may contact the Colgate Helpline for assistance (itshelp@colgate.edu or 315-228-7111).

I do not see my student’s tuition bill on InfoShare. Why?

Student Accounts information (tuition, billing, etc.) is not available via InfoShare. Your student can give you access to such information using TouchNet, which is on the student’s portal page. Questions about TouchNet should be directed to the Student Accounts Office.

How do I log out of InfoShare?

To log out, simply close your browser window. The session will expire once the browser window is closed.

Can I discuss the information I see on InfoShare with a university official?

No. InfoShare authorization does not grant university officials the authority to discuss a student’s information with a designee. If you have a question about what you are viewing, you may speak to your student. University officials may discuss general Colgate policies but are restricted by FERPA from discussing anything specific to a particular student’s education record. Read more about FERPA.