TouchNet: Colgate's Student Account System

TouchNet is the student account and billing system used by Colgate University. Students, and their designated Authorized Users*, use the system to view e-statements and student account activity; establish monthly payment plans; and make electronic payments.

Student Access to TouchNet

Students access TouchNet through the Colgate Portal. Under Banner Self-Service, click Accounts and choose View/Pay E-bill. (For Authorized User access to TouchNet, see below.)

*Establish Authorized User(s)

Designate a parent, guardian or other as an Authorized User.  As such, they can: Receive e-statement notifications; view your student account information; and make payments on your behalf.

  1. Sign in to TouchNet. Under “My Profile Setup” select “Authorized Users.” 
  2. Provide the email address for your authorized user(s) and choose their level of access.
  3. Authorized Users will receive an email notification confirming their authorization and instructions on next steps.

Authorized User Access to TouchNet

Authorized Users access their student’s account information through a designated site.

Troubleshooting TouchNet

Students and Authorized Users access TouchNet in different ways.  Be sure you login the appropriate way (see above).

The TouchNet site will lock a user out after a failed attempt to log-in. After being locked out, a user must wait at least 30 minutes before attempting to log-in again, even using the newly acquired temporary password.

Other Payment Options

To review other payment options, please see the Student Accounts page.