The student account balance, account activity, and monthly e-statements are accessible by students and Authorized Users via TouchNet. Monthly e-statements are generated for students with a balance due (or a credit balance available) the first week of each month with a corresponding email notification to students and their Authorized Users. Colgate does not issue paper bills for active students.

The main term charges (tuition, student association fee, housing, meal plan, and health insurance) are assessed prior to the start of each term*.

Term Date Billing Date Payment Due**
Fall First Week of July August 1
Spring First Week of December January 10


Throughout the term, miscellaneous new charges and credits; adjustments to existing charges and credits; and/or payments made may appear on the student account activity. The deadlines to pay miscellaneous balances throughout the term are indicated in emails and billing notifications sent to students and Authorized Users.  Typically, charges assessed in the first two months of the term are due within one month, and charges assessed afterward are due within one week.**


The monthly billing notification is a courtesy to assist students with their responsibility to be aware of and take care of their student account.  Students are responsible to know what their balance is, seek assistance if they have questions, and ensure their student account is in good standing.

* Upperclass students must be anticipated to enroll and be assigned to a housing/meal plan to be assessed the corresponding fees.
** If a family utilizes a monthly payment plan, the payment due dates are defined by the plan.

Financial Holds/Late Fee Assessment
Overdue balances will result in an Financial Hold, and are subject to monthly late fees of 1% of the balance (or a minimum of $1.00).  Financial holds prevent a student from course registration, participating in the Drop/Add period, and diploma and graduation exercises.

Yes, Colgate does accept payment by credit card (with a non-Colgate service fee). Click here to view available payment methods including credit card.

Yes, Colgate does accept wire transfers.  Click here to view available payment methods including bank wire.

As a student, you control who has access to your tuition bill. You can print out your bill from the electronic billing site TouchNet and share it with your grandparents (or any other interested third party). The payment can be mailed directly to Colgate: Office of Student Accounts, Colgate University, 13 Oak Drive, Hamilton, NY 13346. Please ensure your full name and Colgate ID number appear on the check.

Another option is to authorize us to share details of your student account with your grandparents. You can do so by establishing them as an Authorized User on TouchNet. Authorized parties to your student account can contact our office for assistance.

The fastest and most secure method of refund is via electronic (ACH) payment directly to a designated bank account. Students and families enter their bank account and routing information into a “Saved Payment Method” on TouchNet and designate the account as a refund account. The Office of Student Accounts begins issuing refunds each semester the week before classes start.

It is also possible to receive refunds via direct deposit to a bank account set up through Payroll or by paper check to the Colgate mailbox.

If an account credit balance is not automatically issued, students and families should contact the Office of Student Accounts.

Students whose permanent home address is outside the United States are required to enroll in the Colgate student health insurance.  Domestic students living in the United States do not have to purchase Colgate’s health insurance. However, it is a requirement that all students are covered with a health insurance policy. If a student is covered by a private, family policy based in the U.S., and proof of coverage is submitted via the waiver process by the annual August 1 deadline, the health insurance premium will be waived. Additional information on the Colgate health insurance program and process can be found here.

All enrollment verification is performed by the Registrar’s office. Families can call the Registrar at 315-228-7408 or email the request to

If you have a question about or want to appeal your fine, please contact the department that assessed the fine (i.e., Campus Safety for parking fines; Case or Cooley Library for library fines, etc.). The Office of Student Accounts only applies the charge to the student account. We do not have the authority to adjust or cancel fines for other departments. Below is the contact information for specific fines.

  • Chemistry Lab Fees/Fines 315-228-7655
  • Housing Damage Fees 315-228-7367
  • ID Fee (Replacement) 315-228-7333
  • Lockout Fines 315-228-7333
  • Health Center Charges 315-228-7750
  • Case Library Fines 315-228-7301
  • Science Library Fines 315-228-7312
  • Parking Fines 315-228-7333
  • Fire Safety Fines 315-228-4817
  • Miscellaneous 315-228-4817

Fines appear on your tuition account and can be paid using any of our payment methods.

Colgate offers a variety of meal plans. For complete details on the meal plans, please call Colgate's food service provider, Chartwells, at 315-228-7670 or go to the Meal Plans section of the campus dining website.