Off-Campus Study: Juniors and Seniors — Fall 2020 Family Information Session

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Learn about options available to students later in their degree program. For some, they may be only now exploring this option before they graduate. For others, their plans may have been interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Joanna Holvey Bowles, director of the Office of Off-Campus study, and other members of the OCS team present the process and the advice our office can offer your students.

Questions Asked During the Session

For Colgate Study Groups, students need to reapply to a program, even if they wish to attend the same Study Group. Faculty directors have changed in almost all cases, and the director subjects have also changed. Students may use their current application (they should contact their program manager for how to do this), but revise it for the new director’s academic focus of the program.

For Approved Programs, students may defer to fall 2021 or spring 2022. Students need to contact the approved program to confirm this process, and obtain updated approval for 2021–22 as a new academic year with the Office of Off-Campus Study (OCS). If a student defers, their application will be reconsidered after the February 3, 2021, deadline for all Approved Program applicants, and will go through the regular Student Affairs review and semester balancing process.

Regardless of program, dates for study abroad programs do not always match Colgate dates.  Senior students planning spring programs need to consider when their program ends in order to participate in the May graduation ceremony. Also, transcripts from some programs may be processed later in the summer, and thus some students may not officially graduate until August or even December. Contact a study abroad adviser on how to research each program.

As soon as possible. Approved programs will start accepting applications for Fall 2021 now, so the earlier they let the external program know, the better. Colgate will begin the internal review process of all Approved Program applications after the February 3, 2021, internal deadline.

Although Colgate does not have a summer program in Japan, there are Approved Programs available in Japan available in the summer for transfer credit.

In short, they do need to reapply. Some students can use their current application and update information as needed, especially if a new director is in place for the program. Students should contact OCS to gain access to their current application. All students should make contact with the faculty director to ensure that their interest is understood by that director.

Any student interested in applying for a Fulbright should be in touch with the Office of National Fellowships and Scholarships (ONFS), and the earlier, the better. Completed Fulbright applications are normally due internally to ONFS by late August for full review and the Official Fulbright submission deadline is usually October 1. Fulbright is a long process, so students should contact ONFS during their junior year to start preparing.

Unfortunately, the application deadline for fall 2021/spring 2022 study groups is November 4.  Students must submit applications by this date to be considered for next year’s study groups.

The internal Approved Program deadline is February 3, 2021, so students do have some time to discuss these options at length. Please have your student review deadlines, because some external deadlines are before the February deadline.

Not yet. Fall 2021 extended studies will be announced in February 2021. 

Spring 2021 Extended Study programs are listed on the Colgate Off-Campus Study website's Programs page. There are four currently available for May/June and the deadline to apply to the program is October 30.

This decision has not been made yet, but is currently under review.

The Office of Off-Campus Study will help students through the process of applying for May/Summer 2021 approved programs, or to see if any January 2022 short-term study programs meet Colgate’s transfer credit requirement. Policies on transfer credit for summer or J-term are available through the Registrar’s webpage.