SophoMORE Connections

SophoMORE Connections took place virtually between January 5 and 19, 2021.

SophoMORE Connections is an exclusive program offered to second-year students during winter break. As a main feature of the program, students were able to register for an alumni-led industry cohort. Over three sessions, registered students explored an industry by engaging in mini-projects that allow them to test the skills and thought processes used in the field.

The program included an invigorating keynote address by Jon Sendach ’98, executive director, North Shore University Hospital, and skills-based events open to all sophomores.

Past Keynote Speakers


jon lopez

Jon Lopez ’06
Sports photographer and cinematographer


Clarissa Shah

Clarissa Shah ’10
Commercial Sales Attorney at LinkedIn


headshot of amy dudley

Amy Dudley ’06
Chief Spokesperson, Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative



headshot of jamil jude

Jamil Jude ’09
Artistic Programming Associate, Park Square Theater



headshot of sian pierre regis

Sian-Pierre Regis ’06
Pop-Culture/Millennial Issues Contributor at HLN, Founder of Swagger



headshot of Yee Ann Cho

Yee-Ann Cho ’90
Senior Vice President, Colorado Education Initiative