Sexual Health

Student Health Services understands that sexual healthcare is personal. SHS acknowledges and celebrates the rich diversity of our students’ identities, experiences, backgrounds, and choices, and a team of experienced medical providers is committed to providing sensitive and confidential health services to meet individual needs.  

Student Health Services provides assessment and treatment of many health related concerns specific to sexual and reproductive health. Counseling and support services are also available. Our services include:

Women’s Health

Student Health Services is here to help you make healthy choices about your body and your lifestyle, and to address your most sensitive and personal health questions.  Remember the care you receive through Student Health Services is strictly confidential.

Available Services:

  • Routine exam and pap testing
  • Education and prescriptions for birth control options
  • Evaluation of problems like vaginal infections, breast problems, irregular periods, and painful periods
  • Pregnancy Testing and Counseling Services  
  • Testing for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Women’s Routine Health Exam

Student Health Services (SHS) offers well-woman health exams. An appointment can be made by calling SHS at 315-228-7750 and requesting a Women’s Health Exam with one of our female providers.  

Women’s health appointments usually take about 45 minutes and include a physical and breast exam, and sometimes a pelvic exam.  If indicated, a Pap smear to screen for cervical changes and testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) may be obtained. Any questions and concerns about menstrual cycle, anatomy, sexuality, contraceptive methods, and STI protection may also be discussed.

Men’s Health

Routine men’s health exams are encouraged; appointments can be made by calling Student Health Services at 315-228-7750. Time is also given to address questions, teach testicular self-examination, and to discuss sexuality, contraception, and STI protection.

Can I obtain prescription birth control at Student Health Services?

  • Colgate students may make an appointment at Student Health Services to discuss starting, continuing or changing prescription birth control (contraceptives) by calling 315-228-7750.  
  • Some contraceptives are available for purchase at the Student Health Services. Currently, 1 brand of generic birth control pills is available for purchase.
  • Other contraception methods may be obtained with a prescription provided by an SHS clinician and taken to an outside pharmacy (birth control pills SHS does not stock, Nuva Ring, diaphragm, Depo-Provera).
  • Students who want to try a method that the SHS does not provide (IUD, contraceptive implants) can be referred to an outside clinician or clinic.
  • Remember: condoms are effective, cheap, safe, and do not require a prescription.
  • Even if you are using a prescription birth control method, the SHS recommends the use of condoms or other barriers (dental dams) every time you have sex (oral, anal, or vaginal) to prevent sexually transmitted infections.

Where can I get condoms?

SHS has condoms available at no cost.  A variety of brands (latex and polyurethane for those allergic to latex) can be found in the exam rooms and in the lobby, for students to pick-up without an appointment.

Other places on campus to get condoms:

Male/internal condoms and female/external condoms are also available without a prescription at stores close to campus: Dougherty Pharmacy, Kinney Drugs, and Price Chopper.

What about emergency contraception? 

Emergency contraception sometimes called the “morning-after pill,” is a method of birth control you can use if you had sex without using birth control or if your birth control method did not work correctly.  Emergency contraception should be used as soon as possible after unprotected sex. It may be taken up to five days after sex, but is best taken as soon as possible within the first three days.

SHS has a generic form of Plan B available at a low cost. A short, “nurse visit” appointment is required.

Student Health Services offers urine pregnancy testing at a minimal cost. Students wishing to be tested should make an appointment at the health center by calling 315-228-7750. Results are immediately available. Testing is most effective and accurate two weeks from the date of unprotected intercourse.

The Student Health Services offers pregnancy counseling to discuss your options.

Students concerned about possible exposure to STIs should contact Student Health Services at 315-228-7750 to speak with a staff member who will answer any questions or to schedule an appointment with a healthcare provider for further evaluation, testing, and/or treatment as indicated. SHS encourages you to schedule an appointment if you think you may have been exposed, whether or not you have symptoms.  

All STI testing is strictly confidential. See our confidentiality policy.  Charges for STI testing costs range from $1 to $60, or a student's health insurance can be utilized.  Student Health Services accepts cash, checks, or ’Gate Cards as payment.   

Whether you’re sexually active or not, exploring your gender or sexual orientation, or have a particularly sensitive question or concern that you would like to discuss, please contact SHS regarding any of your sexual health care needs.  

Contact us at 315-228-7750 to schedule an appointment.

A note about the June 24 Supreme Court ruling
The right to choose remains protected in New York State. Please know that the Shaw Wellness Institute and Student Health Services will continue to support our students’ and employees' reproductive healthcare needs in both education and access to referrals for all services not provided by the University.

Medical care at Student Health Services is strictly confidential.

The privacy and confidentiality of your health record are protected by law. Colgate University’s health records are maintained through a secure electronic health records (EHR) system and are completely separate from all other University records. Student Health Services will not release any of your health information without your written permission, except in the following instances:

  • In the event of your treatment at Community Memorial Hospital or another hospital or urgent care center, the community provider and Student Health Services will share relevant health information as needed for continuity of care.
  • If, in our judgment, releasing information is necessary to protect you or others from a serious threat to health or safety.
  • If it is authorized or required by law.

Similarly, Student Health Services does not routinely share information about your care with parents, faculty, or deans without your permission. Health information will be discussed with parents and faculty only at your request and with your written permission.

If you have any concerns about the confidentiality of our services, please speak with one of your healthcare providers.

  1. Be treated with respect, dignity and consideration without discrimination as to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or veteran status.  
  2. Have all aspects of your care explained to you in understandable terms and any questions answered.
  3. Discuss treatment options and their effectiveness, possible risks and side effects.
  4. Participate in decisions about your care and to give your informed consent to any diagnostic procedure.
  5. Have access to resources for health education regarding wellness/self-care and prevention of illness.  
  6. Be assured of the confidential treatment of disclosures and records and to have the opportunity to approve or refuse the release of such information except when release of specific information is required by law or is necessary to safeguard you or the university community.
  7. Refuse any medical treatment or procedure and to be informed of the consequences of such a decision.
  8. Receive information and/or guidance for continuing care to maintain optimal health.
  9. Receive appropriate referrals to other providers and services.
  10. An explanation of any financial obligations or charges.
  11. Discuss concerns about the care you receive.  
  12. Review your medical record with a clinician.  
  13. Refuse to participate in any research project. 
  1. Understand and use these rights.
  2. Seek medical attention promptly.
  3. Provide accurate and complete information about your past health history, that of your family, current status, relevant personal habits, and any other information pertinent to the public health of the campus community.
  4. Inform your care provider of any changes in your health status that could affect your treatment.
  5. Assist health care providers to compile a complete medical record by authorizing the Student Health Services to obtain necessary medical information from appropriate sources.
  6. Ask questions and get clarification regarding your condition or any suggested treatment.
  7. Ask about anything you do not understand.
  8. Follow the prescribed treatment plan and discuss any desired changes.
  9. Be considerate of other patients and Student Health Services staff.  
  10. Treat Student Health Services’ staff with courtesy and respect.
  11. Be prompt for scheduled appointments.
  12. Cancel appointments if you are unable to keep them.
  13. Accept financial responsibility for any charges you have incurred.