Health, Safety & Wellness

Shaw Wellness Institute

Colgate’s Shaw Wellness Institute, the university's health promotion office, oversees the comprehensive and holistic development of students and the Colgate community. For appointments related to medical care and physical health, visit our Student Health Center. For concerns related to counseling and mental health, please visit Counseling and Psychological Services.

Safety Contacts

Emergency Line: 315-228-7911
TTY: 315-228-6001
Campus Phone: 911

Alcohol & Drugs

Learn Colgate alcohol and drug use policy, and find addiction counseling resources.

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Student Health

Get student health resources, including programs, services and eating issue support.

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Find out about counseling and support services available to Colgate community members.

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Campus Safety

Colgate maintains campus security carefully, respectfully, and professionally.

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Hazing Support

Learn about Colgate support services and policy related to hazing and harassment.

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Sexual Violence

Find out about prevention, awareness, and victim support services and initiatives.

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