College students are faced with life and academic challenges such as homesickness, loneliness, coping with family conflicts, relationship concerns, and academic pressure. This page serves to offer resources for noticing signs of distress, supporting others, identifying campus resources, and reporting concerns for the wellbeing of a student.

Guide for Faculty & Staff

The Red Folder serves as a reference guide to mental health resources for faculty and staff and provides a framework of compassion for supporting students in distress. The framework in this booklet highlights how to recognize symptoms of student distress, respond appropriately and compassionately, and how to identify appropriate referrals to campus resources.

Download the Red Folder


Guide for Students

The Maroon Folder serves as a peer to peer reference guide to mental health resources for students and provides a framework of compassion for supporting others in distress. This framework of compassion will guide you to act in a caring and proactive way.

Download the Maroon Folder

Report Concern for a Student's Well-being

As members of a caring community, we all have a responsibility to foster the well-being of our students. Colgate has strong support networks and resources for those in need. If you are concerned about a student's physical, emotional, or mental well-being, you may fill out the following report. The concerns might include things like anxiety, depression, eating disorder, drug or alcohol consumption, bizarre or uncharacteristic behavior/thoughts, or thoughts about suicide/harm to others.

Report Concern About the Well-being of a Student