The Colgate Vote Project strives to create a population of habitual student voters on campus by streamlining the registration and voting process.

Colgate Vote Project

Regardless of party affiliation, understanding of politics, or voting eligibility, the Project aims to support all students and create an on-campus environment which encourages political activism and participation of any kind.

As voting represents an irrefutable element of democracy in the United States, the Project aims to encourage students to recognize the voice they have when casting their ballot, and to recognize their duty to vote as citizens.

Election Day Transportation

On November 8, the Bookstore/Apartment Cruiser route will add a stop at the local polling place, the Hamilton Public Library, and will be available to take voters registered to the polls throughout the day. It is also within easy walking distance of the campus.

Election day transportation

Your one stop shop for:

  • Registering to vote
  • Getting an absentee ballot
  • Checking your voter status
  • Finding your polling place
  • Receiving election reminders

Madison County Board of Elections

If you are already registered to vote in Madison County, or would like to register to vote in Madison County, the Madison County Board of Elections has resources including voter registration forms and early voting information.

Go to Madison County Board of Elections 

Additional Resources

Check out additional resources focused on voting, news, and candidates as you gather the information you need to cast an informed vote.

Combating News Media Bias

Sources of reliable, accurate, nonpartisan news media information:

    • A nonprofit, nonpartisan news media fact checker
    • Recognize the truthfulness and bias behind some forms of news media
    • Considers news media stories from various publishers and rates them according to political leaning

Voting Information

Campus Vote Project: State voting guides

Candidate Information


Frequently Asked Questions