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    Join Associate Professor of Biology Engda Hagos, who grew up in the Tigray region and still has family there today, to learn more about this conflict and the humanitarian crisis being left in its wake. Associate Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies and Director of Women’s Studies Susan Thomson also joins the episode to help provide historical background and current geopolitical context to the ongoing situation in this all new episode of 13. 
    February 8, 2021
  • Engda Hagos, assistant professor of biology, works with students in his lab.
    Associate Professor of Biology Engda Hagos and seven current and former students have co-authored an article that was recently published in the journal Cell Communication & Adhesion. The paper, titled “Krüppel-like factor 4 mediates cellular migration and invasion by altering RhoA activity,” explores cancer cell invasion. Invasion and metastases are a spreading of cancer cells […]
    April 11, 2018
  • Changchang Liu, Colgate class of 2015, works with biology Professor Engda Hagos on cancer research during a 2014 summer internship.
    Two Colgate students and their professor have been published in The Journal of Molecular Carcinogenesis for new research into the regulatory processes that maintains genomic stability, which is impaired in cancer cells. This could one day lead to new treatments. Changchang Liu ’15, Stephen La Rosa ‘13 and Assistant Professor of Biology Engda Hagos received […]
    June 28, 2014