Special 13 Podcast Episode: Civil War in Ethiopia 

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Civil war has erupted in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, and most of the world is in the dark about what is happening thanks to a communications blackout in the country.

Join Associate Professor of Biology Endga Hagos, who grew up in the Tigray region and still has family there today, to learn more about this conflict and the humanitarian crisis being left in its wake. Associate Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies and Director of Women’s Studies Susan Thomson also joins the episode to help provide historical background and current geopolitical context to the ongoing situation in this all-new episode of 13

Professor Hagos earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of Illinois, his master’s at Northeastern Illinois University, and his PhD at the University of Georgia. He conducted his post doctoral studies at Emory University. Professor Hagos is renowned for his groundbreaking cancer research on the cellular level, and his most recent research collaboration with 10 student coauthors was published in the European Journal of Cell Biology.

Professor Thomson earned a bachelor of arts from Saint Mary’s University in Canada, a law degree from University College London, and her master’s and Phd from Dalhousie University in Canada. Her work focuses on state-society relations in Africa and, in particular, on power relations between the state and individuals in post-conflict countries. Her most recent book, Rwanda, From Genocide to Precarious Peace, was published by Yale University Press in 2018.

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